12 Things Your Business Website Must Have to Surpass Your Competitors

Competition remains stiff as most business people own websites to boost their business. To be conspicuous, you have to ensure your website beats those of your competitors. Attracting new customers is easy, give them all the information and assurance they need.
12 Things Your Business Website Must Have to Surpass Your Competitors

Below are 12 things every client needs to find on your website.

1. Phone number

Adding your phone number concedes potential customers reach you and make inquiries. Giving your patrons a means to communicate with you augments a personal touch that brings about trust. It humanizes your business, and even though they are making online purchases, they get complacent paying for a brand with which they can put a face behind. Remember not to make your phone number graphic. Some customers may be using phones meaning they have to cram the number. Write it as a text to make it convenient for them to directly dial.

2. Business address

Most of the businesses websites lack a physical address and customers remain in suspicious. As people get accustomed to cyber space, scammers have taken advantage making cyberspace horrendous. Having a physical address makes your business authentic. Customers may like to visit and check your products physically. Like the phone number, include it as a text so they can easily add it to Google maps and get directions to your location. If you just started your business and it is growing, you may use your home address, as your business grows, you may get an office and remember to update it on your website.

3. Contact form/ Email address

People use different ways to reach you based on the nature of your business. If your business is small, emails work better. The risk involved in using emails is that people can use them for spamming. Contact forms counteract the peril of using emails. Also, contact forms offer more advantages such as:
• Convenience- your customer does not have to copy paste to reach you, they just have to fill out a message
• Eradicates the need to have more apps to get in touch with your customers
• It is possible to intercept spam mail before it reaches you

Contact forms can be set up in WordPress.

4. Epitomized About Us

An ”About Us’’ is the most important page on your website. It is the best chance at creating a rapport with your customers. People prefer doing business with people they can relate. To build a relationship with your client, you need to have an About page that defines:
• Who you are
• What your business offers- make them understand why they should choose you over others offering the same products
• What your company aims to achieve and your business values. Attest to your customers that you understand their needs and meet their standards

5. Prices

A great proportion of business websites lack pricing information since they are afraid their prices may be too high and lose customers or their competitors will see it. Customers interested in your services need to know if they can afford your product or service. If the price is higher than they expected, compel them to buy by adding testimonials and reviews on your websites to show the quality of your brand and customer satisfaction. Make the brand worth buying at your price. Adding your price also impedes idle people from calling you, eradicating jokers.

6. Menu

For businesses that offer services, a menu should be on your website. It shows what you offer, and for what price. Remember to keep your menu easy to access and updated. CAUTION! Do not put your Menu in a pdf format.
• First, your customers will have a difficult time reading the menu due to too much zooming and scrolling, predominantly those using phones. Consider adding it to an HTML page.
• Second, pdf formats obstruct SEO since search engines do not index that content.

7. Social Media Platforms

A website with a social media profile ranks higher in search engines. A survey shows that most people use social media as search engines thus it makes it easy for your customers reach you. More so, it is the best option for your clients to keep in touch, give feedback, and remain updated. You can add your social media platforms as icons which you can click and go directly to your business page. Also, it will be effortless for your customers to reminisce you when they need a service.

8. Reservations/ appointments

Reservations and arrangements are crucial for businesses that franchise online bookings such as restaurants and therapy. For such business, their website should have a prominent link for services that permit online booking. There are two main reasons to encompass online booking and make it available on your website; first, most of your website visitors will transform into customers due to the ease of purchase. Second, it plays a role in maintaining your customer due to the convenience and ease of access to your services. Also, it suits impulse buyers since they do not have to wait till opening hours to schedule an appointment that could result to them changing their mind.

9. Discounts, Offers $ Coupons

Customers want to get and make the best out of everything, so they are interested in deals you offer. If your business has offers, discounts and offers create a page that includes the sales. You can get to post them on social media for best results. Bargaining has replaced the days when one would move from shop to others comparing prices. Make your customers know you understand money is a limited resource by offering discounts: which could be a money spinner for your business.

10. New content

Adding new content on your website ensures you do not miss out on customers since you keep them updated. Also, it creates loyalty as a reliable source of information. Furthermore, search engines like new content. There are several ways to provide new content such as: blogs, news section that has photos and new development in your business. Keep your prices menu and services updated for customers’ convenience.
Remember it is harder and more costly to get a new customer than to retain an existing one.

11. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate should be mandatory if you have an e-commerce site or allow buyers make their purchases online. SSL serves as a security measure since it protects data sent by a customer and your website by encrypting some sensitive information such as credit cards. Information relayed from your client to you passes through some computers; thus anyone can use the information be it passwords or credit card numbers, necessitating SSL certificates. More so, Google prefers sites with SSL certificates, thus boosting your traffic. They are affordable with the least costing $9 annually

12. Enhance your websites responsiveness

When people visit your site and have trouble navigating you can be sure they will hastily leave and never come back. That’s why a responsive website attracts more traffic compared to a non-responsive one. Ensure that your site is responsive by; adjusting the screen size to make it better for your customers to navigate despite the device they are using. Also, it cuts on cost since you have to manage one site only. Try out the new WordPress themes; they are responsive.
Stay ahead of your competitors by including the above on your website.

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