7 Critical Resources To Help You Understand WordPress REST API

WordPress REST API
Nothing has attracted more vibe and buzz as the world of WordPress especially after the arrival of the REST API a year ago. However, the major challenge has been the implementation process which has seen the developers of WordPress asking for an extension of time to actualize the entire process.

The REST API will have a remarkable impact on the future regardless of the different ways you use WordPress. Thankfully, as the society continues to embrace the effects of this new technological phenomenon, a lot of useful data is becoming available on the internet. Read on for several critical resources you can utilize today in preparation for the REST API technology.

GoDaddy gives a synopsis of the REST API basics

At the start of 2016, Douglas RI Karrs gave a valuable introduction to REST API which is still valid up to now. When you go through the introduction, you’ll learn a few basic things about the program’s moving parts and other classic examples of the implementation in the actual world. By the time you are through reading, you will have gotten a valuable tutorial on how to create a mobile app with REST API and React thanks to the Delicious Brain Group.

Documenting the official REST API

Documentation is an essential step in this process and talking about REST API without it would be useless. Documentation is a critical step when you are igniting the process and it’s something you’ll keep referring to all through the entire project; hence ignoring it would be disastrous.

REST API- VinaySahnis guide, best practices

You could be among the most experienced developers in the world, but getting REST API’s bets practices is not an easy task. Therefore, you are better off using VinaySahnis manual to get you through these best practices. The guide has received positive feedback and ratings across the world of innovation and development. When you follow the manual, your knowledge for both REST API and WordPress will improve including your association with APIs as a third force.


Once you begin to interact with the APIs in WordPress, you will take more time to learn and understand the basics. However, you can help yourself by taking some time to learn and utilize a much easier of using API client. Postman is among the best, most reliable, and convenient alternatives to use with Mac app and Chrome; it helps in making the process easier and saves you quite a lot of time and effort. What’s more? It’s free of charge.

HumanMade-REST API White Paper

If you are looking for the most respected and high-end WordPress agency, consider HumanMade. You can be sure whenever they strike any subject; you must sit back and listen attentively. Their WordPress REST API white paper is worth the read of you are serious about knowing and implementing this program.

One hour or so is quite a sufficient time to read and understand this online platform; you will gain a lot. As you read page-by-page, you will come across real talent in innovation, development, and technology broken down by industry experts. The experts present uses, challenges, and opportunities concerning this program. Ryan McCues gives an introductory presentation as a companion piece to the white paper from A Day of REST workshop.

REST API News at WP Tavern

WP Tavern has more authority regarding the WordPress REST API program. It is a trusted empire when it comes to breaking down the basics. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much more related information you’ll get when you search for REST API. It gives you everything about the program’s podcasts, conferences, and releases among others. Although it hasn’t been too vocal lately, that is set to change as the program continues to gain momentum.

Torque-Tips and Tutorials

In the last few years, Torque has managed to create a strong niche for itself in circles of WordPress. They have done considerably well in presenting useful content about REST API. If you type REST API in their search, you’ll get a lot of useful information, publications, and other relevant tutorials that can benefit you in many ways.


There is no better time to dive into the world of REST API than now especially if you have been holding back for whatever reason. Many projects like Calypso already indicate that REST API will be key to the future of WordPress growth and innovation.

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