Why you shouldn’t use a free web hosting plan

Why you shouldn’t use a free web hosting planA huge number of people today opt for free hosting instead of the paid services which in most cases tends to be of superior quality. This is regardless of the fact that there are numerous options out there for those looking for affordable and reliable hosting plans.

For a majority of people opting for the free web hosting options, doing so to them sounds like a win, albeit in the short-term. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. A paid web hosting plan is better than a free web-hosting plan because of the following reasons;

With a free hosting, you have no power to control unwanted ads on your site

Free web-hosting companies have to look for ways to make profits. Therefore, they let advertisers use their platforms to advertise their products and in the process get ad revenue.
Unfortunately, some of these ads may not do your website a justice in terms of your reputation with your readers but there’s little you can do to stop it.

Comes With web traffic bandwidth limitations

With free web-hosting, many websites share the same server. What this means is that your usage of the hosting services is limited. Some of the limitations emanate from the fact that a limited number of visitors are allowed on the free web-hosting site at any given time. And if the number surpasses this limit, your site may shut down. Paid services are the best option for those looking to grow and get huge traffic to their site.

You don’t own your website fully

Many people have no clue that the host of their free website owns their sites. For instance, Google’s terms of service specify that even if the intellectual property belongs to you, the container is Google. A major downside is that if the host at any time thinks that your content is not right, they can pull your site down without giving you prior notice. The sad part is that it is a common trend where many websites suspension are seen every day.

Your domain name, in reality, is a sub-domain

It is a common practice where free web-hosting companies also offer free domain names. Many subscribers of free domain names have no clue that what they assume to be domain names is sub domain for their sites. For instance, if your sites website is yourcoolsite.com, your domain name will be yourcoolsite.freehostingprovider.com.
The disadvantage to this is that your website looks untrustworthy and unprofessional while you also offer free advertising to your hosting company.

On the other hand, with paid hosting plan, one is assured of uptime and unlimited bandwidth. For those web owners who value their websites, there are numerous hosting levels and plans out there that are affordable and willing to meet your diverse needs.

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