Why you should ditch ‘.com’ for good?

Why you should ditch '.com' for goodOne of the first things an entrepreneur does whenever they form a company is setting up a company’s website. However, most of them at this time find their dream “.com” website already taken.
Sometimes, these domains are held by a broker who has the intention of making tens of thousands of dollars to release the domain name to even a website that does not deserve it. You start getting stressed and feel you are at loss just because such domain name extensions are defaulted on most of the visitors mind.

Entrepreneurs caught in such a position should be wise and take advantage of some of the new extensions being rolled out and ditch .com for good. Some of these opportunities include

Email, design, rentals and other industry-specific domains

Even though most consumers are after a .com domain, most of these domains actually do not tell the company’s story. This is the main reason why you may opt for the new domain which are more memorable than the traditional .com. for instance, a new creative agency can start their domain under a .design. You will come to realize that these domain name extensions are not only every industry but they are also positioning themselves at the front of the changing trends on the internet.

.Menu, .blackfriday and campaign-friendly domains

For those businesses that are hesitant to change into industry specific domains, they still have the opportunity to leverage the new extensions into other helpful ways. Popular food hubs like the starbucks and Chipotle are already adopting the new secret menus. This can attract more customers and also look more thrilling considering how it might be attractive using the less visible .menu extension to develop a secret menu promotion.

Interestingly enough, even individuals celebration days have their own top level domains such as .blackfriday and .Christmas. The creators of these extension expected that companies intending to promote their sales during these holidays will separate the promotion from their .com sites. This way, such entrepreneurs will be going for a particular target especially those that are looking for products relating to the day.
Remember, such extensions are much easier to default than the .com extension. Such domains are perfect for building and tracking a campaign around.

.wiki, .NYC, LGBT and community domains

Unfortunately, in as much popular as it is, the .com extension doesn’t actually capitalize on the communal nature of the internet.
However, take for instance .nyc domain name. You realize that New York is at the centre of all trading ranging from technology to food. The association of the domain with the brand can play an important role in the overall power of the brand. Already a number of hotels such as the Wolcott Hotel and the Flatiron 23rd St have adopted the .nyc domain and soon we will be seen others coming up.

.immo, .Moda and other expanded language domains

Most consumers tend to ignore brands that do not relate to them or those which sound strange to them. This comes as a major challenge when it comes to native languages. The only way to overcome such problems when it comes to non-English speakers is to reach out to the local consumers through their languages. This way, most of the consumers are going to feel personal with the brand being advertised.

Fortunate enough, today there are a number of domains being offered in different languages. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of such domains to reach out to their native potential clients. A good example are the Spanish domains already available waiting to be scooped by the new clients.
Some of these domains include .casa (home), to .abogado (lawyer), to .moda (fashion). Such domain extensions are going to gain more popularity in the coming years given that not all countries are English speakers.

Unfortunately, most people still prefer the .com domain. Its popularity is still not yet to come to pass.
However, its rules and regulation are fading as the years passes and soon, you will be seeing more startups to fortune 500 companies adapting the new domain name extensions. This is because they will start to realize that the new domain names have a huge potential compared to the tradition .com extension.

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