Why you need to use new domain options for your website?

Why you need to use new domain options for your website
Finding a perfect domain name for your website is often regarded as a huge achievement in this age. This is because most of the good ones and those relevant to particular industries tend to be already taken in most cases. Worse still, domain names with the .com extension are even more difficult to find.

If you’re looking to safeguard your brand, it’s advisable that you register several other top level domains for your chosen name other than just the .com option. But what is a top level domain?

Top Level Domain Discussed

Any domain name comes with two main parts; top-level domain and a second-level domain. For example, a domain name such as WombatGo.com consists of these two parts: WombatGO which is the second level domain, and the .com as the top level domain. The second level domain typically helps to identify the brand.

In the US, most top level domain names end in .com. However, you can also find many other domains that end in .org, .edu, .and .gov. What you need to understand, however, is that there are other numerous domain options that you can use which is why you don’t need to limit yourself to using only the popular ones mentioned above.

Do You Need To Register Other Top Level Domains?

Absolutely. It is essential to register your second level domain with other different top level domains. Do not just settle on the .com. It has been a common practice for people to register both .net and .org to accompany the .com domain, but there are even better alternatives. New generic top level domains are becoming more popular by the day.
For example, you may choose to go for unique TLDs such as .science, and .photography which can significantly enhance your brand.

The type of domain extension you use to register your site needs to communicate your particular industry. This is why a website about football would not have an extension like .hockey. Registering it with the wrong top level domain would be the worst blunder.

Recommended Best Domain Registration Practices

When registering any domain name, some critical issues may arise. First, users can easily confuse different brands if you use closely related terms as your competitor. Besides, you could end up using a registered trademark without the consent of its authority which may land you into problems.

For these reasons, Namecheap recommends that every new webmaster registers second level domains with .com, .org, and .net at minimum.
Moreover, the company recommends registration of new generic TLDs that tell the purpose of the website.

Assuming that you want to create a site about coupons and deals online with a domain name such as JennysGreatDeals.com for example. It would be prudent to register other TLDs such as .org and .net which would result in getting additional URLs namely JennysGreatDeals.org and JennysGreatDeals.net. Besides, you could also try out other new TLDs such as .money, .coupon or .deals. That would result in something like JennysGreatDeals.money.

At GoDaddy, you can find a list of all popular and new top level domains to choose from. To review them, just select the tabs (e.g. “new”) after searching for the domain of your interest.

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