Where is the best place to purchase business domain name?

So, you just thought of buying a new website domain name huh? Awesome!

best place to purchase business domain nameThe simplest way people can identify you online is through your online street address commonly referred to as your website domain name. Other terms used for it are web address aka URL. This “internet street address” is the core of your branding and you should give that importance.

The act of buying a domain sounds simple, but in actual fact it can turn out to be quite overwhelming. There are usually hundreds of domain registrants, and telling them apart can be difficult. So how do you shop who, what or where?

In this post, I share with you the 4 go-to sites when it comes to buying and managing business domain names. Ready?


When you begin to think about the most well-known registrars, Bluehost comes to mind. Over time, they continue to improve their product and service offering.

What we like:
Bluehost has low prices, a solid money-back guarantee, quality customer support together with lots of bonuses and add-ons. These things actually come in handy from time to time.

Another thing to like about Bluehost is that it has an easy-to-navigate site that doesn’t clamp up the interface with all unrelated offers and funny kinds of up-sells (how refreshing).

You end up getting what you need quickly, and at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a hassle-free, inexpensive experience that comes with great service, then Bluehost is for you!

What we don’t like:
There’s really no major disadvantage of buying from Bluehost, except that their promotional prices do not apply to renewals which is usually the case for first-time registration. Look out for that. Almost all registrars operate the same way.


GoDaddy is probably one of the most widely known internet registrars. This isn’t because of its excellent customer service, great products, or services. Most people know GoDaddy because of their contentious Super Bowl ads.

Regardless, GoDaddy does offer great service at reasonable prices, so we still put them in our top 4 list.

What we like:
This site is reasonably priced and it is also easy for you to find domain discounts. GoDaddy ditched a lot of its discount codes and created an offer called the “Discount Domain Club” where users pay a fee called a premium that allows you access to the discount codes that were once available. GuavaBox has worked with these guys, and we’re happy and satisfied with their great reliability and service.

What we don’t like:
We understand how important advertising is to GoDaddy, but we feel like they push it to the limit sometimes. Without consideration, they shove unnecessary products on the user when you are in the process of buying a domain.

Usually you will find that you don’t need or will end disappointed by any website, email, or hosting that you purchase from GoDaddy. Excessive advertising such as what GoDaddy portrays usually ends up betraying customer trust. This makes it more likely that users are likely to ignore any future emails from them because of fear that they are soliciting or upselling.


This registrar also has reasonable prices, but lacks commercials that are controversial enough.

What we like:
Name Cheap is a well-trusted domain registrar. These guys offer users discounts on long term registration. Name Cheap is also a great place to purchase Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. These are usually for business owners whose main priority is transactional security (e-commerce sites, banks, etc.). Users will find less upselling here (Great!).

One thing to note is that Name Cheap was selected as the Number 1 domain registrar by Lifehacker.

What we don’t like:
Users pay more for .org’s and .com’s than at GoDaddy, but other than that Name Cheap is pretty great!


Now it wouldn’t be a countdown without us in it! We are not a registrar per say, but we are happy to purchase and manage your domain (on your behalf of course) leaving you worry-free!

What you will like:
We manage users’ domains every single day to ensure they are up-to-date and have web hosting that is WordPress-optimized, security, etc. Also, one thing worth noting is that our most basic hosting package has up to six times the storage GoDaddy’s deluxe package has

What you might not like:
If you aren’t really big on group participation, GuavaBox probably isn’t your go-to site. In addition, our prices are reasonably higher than our counterparts because we put attention to detail to each hosting account and/or domain like no one else does.

To avoid all the hassles and losses that come with getting a new domain, try out any of the 4 sites we listed above. They will make sure you don’t waste any of your time.

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