What to do if the domain name you want is taken?

What to do if the domain name you want is takenCreating a domain name that is unique can earn you a lot of money through online businesses. A quite unfortunate situation would be one where you’ve already written your domain name ideas down, but just when you’re about to register, you find that it the domain name is already in use. This can be frustrating as well as discouraging.
However, there are some options you can explore such as:

1. Use a .net, .biz .org, or .info,

You will find that so many businesses use .com for their sites. Using a unique suffix such as .net. or .org might solve your dilemma. And they might also be available for another domain name that is similar. Nevertheless, you will want to appreciate the disadvantages of having a domain name similar to another company’s.

2. Tweak the name slightly

If you find that a domain name is unavailable, it probably means that a similar domain has already been registered. For example, if the domain name was refreshcodes.com, you can use refresh-codes.com. These names will probably be available.
However, remember that there are disadvantages of having a domain name similar to another company’s. One of the problems you can face is a trademark infringement.

3. Buy a domain name

If you want to use a domain name or extension that is already being used, consider purchasing it. With the right procedure in mind, buying and selling a domain name is simple. When you want to buy a domain name from a business that’s been successful, you can expect to have less chances of getting it.
Nevertheless, you will have a higher chance of getting the domain name if the owner of the domain has already reserved it. To purchase a domain name, you may consider bidding on a particular auction like eBay, GoDaddy, etc. or make an offer directly to its owner.

4. Confirm your trademark rights

Let us assume that you already have a business in operation, you will be safer than the owner of the domain name. When choosing one, see to it that you have a proper understanding of the Trademark Infringement Law. It usually states: the very first person to use the trademark in a business is acknowledged as the real owner. This means that if your business is already operating, you can be acknowledged as the owner before the other party launches the domain name.

You can use ICANN to confirm and claim the domain name’s trademark rights. This is a nonprofit organization monitoring all domain name registration on the internet.

Another thing you can try is suing the other party for trademark infringement. It can also be a strong option, regardless of the ICANN dispute resolution procedure. In case you win, you get full ownership of the domain name, all rights, and a compensation for the damages.

You can also use whois.net to help you verify the domain name’s owner. Here, you’ll get information on the other party.

Proceed with caution and take time to prove the worth of a domain name before rushing to buy it.

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