What Happens Once Domain Name Expires in GoDaddy?

If you are so much busy or forget in renewing domain then you should know what can happen with the domain if you are not renewing it. It is not possible for revoking the domain name immediately after 45 days of the expiry date. It is possible for this to vary with different service providers.
If you are using Godaddy for the domain name hosting then you need to know the kinds of the procedure that Godaddy follows and the time they provide for you to do the renewal. It is always good for you to make use of the thing well so that you can get maximum advantages out of it. Here are the things that you should know about the strategy of Godaddy.
What Happens Once Domain Name Expires in GoDaddy

Day 1
On the day first you will get the first mail from Godaddy. This is the best opportunity that you should use if you have forgotten to renew the domain by your own. If you are renewing the domain name in the first mail then you can do that without spending and also extra money on that. This is a good way through which you can renew the domain.

Day 5
This is the next time that you are going to get second mail from GoDaddy. There are chances for you to get the mail saying that the domain name that you have not renews is in the parking. It is yet another opportunity for you to renew the domain name. There are chances for you to renew that with no extra cost at this time too.

Day 12
This is the third time that you are going to receive mail from GoDaddy. This is the last mail that you can get from GoDaddy in the form of notice. This is the last chance that you get for renewing the domain that you possess without any extra cost. Try to at least make use of this opportunity so that you can renew the domain without any cost.

Day 19
This is the last mail that you receive from Godaddy for renewing the domain. This fourth mail contains the information about the money that you need to spend for renewing the domain. You should pay the cost for an year and also the redemption fees.

Day 26
This 5th mail tells that Godaddy is going to revoke the domain and then put that into auction. You will not be able to renew the domain at this point of time.

Day 36
If there are no bidders or backorders for the domain then the domain will be listed in closeout auction.

Day 41
It is when closeout auction completes.

Day 43
If your domain got auctioned then you cannot get your domain back. If there are no bidders for the domain then it will be returned in ICANN and can be available for the new register.

It is possible for you to renew the domain name without spending any money for 18 days after date of expiry. Understand the tine limits and act well.

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