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social media platforms
In this digital era, advertising your business through flyers and other old methods may not be very practical or cost friendly. Post office boxes are no longer standard. The virtual world has opened up numerous platforms where people can ‘meet’ and trade online regardless of the distance between them. This heps to provide a larger audience that you can reach out to when seeking to promote yourself or your brand.

Today, social media has become one of the most attractive and practical avenues for self promotion which edges out most of the traditional methods. It is incredibly cost efficient and fast since it reaches a broad audience within a very short time. Besides, chances of losing content are almost nil as it is almost real time.

Given that there are so many social platforms today, you have a wide variety of choices to settle for. Better still, you can advertise your items on multiple social sites, if not all, all at a go.

Social media also reaches a wider audience, hence a big market. Bigger than what the local fliers and letters can reach. This is due to the fact that most of these platforms are often global.


This happens to be the most popular online platform where people meet and interact. Its popularity may be due to its easy to use interface as well as free accounts acquisition. Facebook also enjoys hosting millions of people every month.

The mentioned characterics makes it easy to get an audience when you put up something on your wall or the business barrier. Online trade has seen a boom since the inception of Facebook. It is incredibly favourable as one can select and shop for things at the comfort of their house.

The option of forming groups has also worked towards networking which translates to more net worth for individuals using the platform.

Facebook subscribers are over 1.6 billion as per its latest statistics. This therefore means that when you are advertising here, rest assured that the audience is not limited. Promoting any product or service here, one is confident that there will be more views than one can imagine.


Twitter also has a broad audience and is also very easy to use and leverage when promoting a brand. Twitter limits number of characters that users can use for their posts to 140. Should one choose Twitter as the mode of marketing, the content should be well researched and precise as wordy texts will often not be accepted.

Unlike Facebook, this platform seems to have its unique audience and participants which are made up of mainly the senior youths and beyond. On this platform, mentions, hashtags, and retweets are the commonly used means of communication.


This photo platfoam mainly targets the young generation –actually below 35 years.The best thing about instagram is that photos speaks for themselves. It is like a virtual global album. It is easy to sell one’s items as the target audience sees and possibly picks what interests them the most.Instagram uses hashtag and clusters for all posts with the same text.

Owned by Facebook, Instagram works better where more images are loaded.


Here you find professionals and can be connected to other well educated audience with a wealth of experience. Should your target audience be the elite of the community, then this will be the place to settle. Linkedln is prevalent in service delivery sector.


Pinterest has also risen significantly on the popularity charts in the recent years as more people seek to promote themselves and their brands. The platform also uses photos to advertise and create awareness as well as order. Statistics reveal that the Pinterest is mostly visited by women hence products and services that interest the female fraternity would possibly move fast when marketed on this platform.

All one needs to do is pin and re-pin until positive findings are reported.Regardless of the business size, with Pinterest, it might just help you understand that opportunities offered are same across the board.

It is a high time you showed off your business prowess and presence by posting on Pinterest, sit back and watch your business grow.


Tumblr, one of the world’s most popular microblogging site is another way one can use social media to promote their business or engagement. Whether starting out or established, Tumblr offers an excellent platform to promote their products. Its biggest market segment is the young generation which therefore means that goods and services tailored for that age bracket would yield better results when marketed on the platform. Here, all types of multimedia can be posted on the platform.

A blog with rich content can provide links to its product and services.The blog content should be precise, engaging, natural and original. An interesting read will make the poster want to follow the like.


Here is another platform that seeks to provide a marketing ground for people looking to grow their brand. Whatsapp groups in particular have become quite popular. This form of communication is very efficient as one can pass a message to tonnes of people, at once, without having to repeat the texts.The option of writing personalised messages to individuals can also not be ignored.Whatsup have a way of notifing the sender, that the message has been read by the double tick turning blue.

Here one can share both photos and texts to its recipients.


planning socialmedia strategy
Setting up most of these social media accounts is free and thus no payment is required when doing that. Promoting ones business on these social media sites cannot be compared to the old ways of fliers distribution, leaflets and post offices. It is time to step up and reach the global market. At no extra effort and cost.

Above are the most popular social media platforms that you would just want to try and see how it goes.

When all has been said, once the orders start trickling in, the challenge might be on delivering to your . Ensure that you have factored in delivery services.

There in now no excuse for any one in business not to take advantage of the digital platforms to advertise and promote yourself.

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