How to transfer domain to another registrar?

How to transfer domain to another registrarDid you know that you can switch from one domain registrar to another if you’re dissatisfied with your current one? Well, domain registration doesn’t have to be a lifetime contract for you. A few factors might come into play when contemplating about transferring your domain to a new registrar with key reasons including; quality of customer service, pricing or even seeking the convenience that comes with having a single company provide you with both domain and hosting services.

In this post, we look at some of the steps to follow when transferring a domain name to a new registrar.

1. Confirm that you’re allowed to complete domain transfer

For you to be able to complete any domain transfer, your previous domain registration must have lasted for over 60 days which is the standard wait time for most registrars. Besides, you must ensure that your domain name has not yet expired in order to do a smooth transfer. This is particularly important since transferring expired domains may require a little more steps depending on your new registrar.

2. Back up all your files

As a general rule, it is important for you to back up all your web files such as databases, content, previous versions of your site and themes among others. Backing up such files serves as a precautionary measure and is thus important even when your new registrar guarantees the safety of your files.

3. Unlock your domain

In most cases, domains are usually locked by your current registrar meaning you cannot transfer your domain without the registrar’s intervention. In such a case, all you need is to contact your current registrar via their customer service support requesting them to unlock the domain for you.

4. Pay for the domain transfer at your new registrar

At this point, you’ll need to purchase a transfer at your new registrar to allow you move your domain name. Some registrars will even offer to transfer your domain at no cost.

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5. Request your unique authorization code from your current registrar

authorization code
Also referred to as the EEP Code or the secret code, an authorization code is presented in a combination of numbers, letters and special characters that help to prevent domain hijacking. To request your code, you’ll need to login to your current registrar account and send your request. You’ll then receive an email from your current registrar notifying you about your secret code.

6. Use your authorization code to initiate transfer to your new registrar

Use your authorization code
At this stage, you’ll be required to login to your new domain registrar. This is where you’re required to input your authorization code in order to begin the transfer process. Once you’ve fed the authorization code, your status will change from “Authorization Required” to “Pending Approval”.

7. Confirm the transfer

An email will be sent to your provided address requesting you to confirm your request to transfer your domain to the new registrar. Once confirmed, the process will take about 5-7 days to be effected.


One thing you should know is that transfer to a new registrar renders all the services you had with your previous registrar null. So, if you had an email address with your previous registrar, the service is halted immediately the domain transfer is compleete. As such, consider requesting your new registrar to reconfigure your email once the transfer has sailed through successfully.

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