Tips On Deciding On The Right Domain For Businesses

If you deciding to choose a domain for your business, the overall brand strategy must be taken into account. There could be confusion whether to choose a brand name which talks about the things which you do or tell more about your business name. Domain names usually fall into two major categories, brandable domains and descriptive domains. For a small business outfit a combination of both the above could be the best choice. Let us find out what exactly this could mean to you and your business.
Tips On Deciding On The Right Domain For Businesses

What It Means To Describe A Business

When we talk about a descriptive domain we usually refer to a domain which talks about what your business is all about or what could be the contents one can expect in the website. A few such examples could be,, Coffee.Club or even These sites are self explanatory and anyone will certainly have a decent idea as to what to expect in such sites.
When you decide to choose descriptive domains, you need not keep it short. For example there are sites like is a long descriptive domain name which helps visitors to know what exactly the business is as far as such sites are concerned.

What Are The Downsides

The downside to a descriptive domain is that it could be difficult to create and identify around the same. Though people may know as to what you are selling, they would not be in a position to know as to who you are and what perhaps makes you different from others. There could also be limitations as far as these descriptive domain names are concerned. It tomorrow you want to add some new products and diversify your business it could become a problem.

The Need To Create A Brand Identity

On the other hand when you decide to choose a brandable domain, you choose a domain which necessarily does not tell the people as to what type of business you are into just by merely seeing it. A few common examples of brandable domains are Google and EBay. It would not be possible to find out about the product when somebody sees it for the first time.

It also is possible to use dictionary words for a brandable domain. Amazon for example is a dictionary word and could also be considered as a descriptive domain because it refers to the famous Amazon river.
However, became a branded domain though originally it was used as an online bookstore. Today it is a business site which offers almost anything starting from A to Z. Hence in 2017 when you think about Amazon you are looking at a business outlet rather than an outlet which talks about the Amazon river.

How Is It Possible For People To Find You?

Since many domain names have keywords built into the name, such descriptive domain makes it easy for marketing their products and also for the purposes of search engine optimization.
However, it must be kept in mind that Google is very particular about the quality of sites. It penalizes site which are of low quality and which took advantage of the earlier rules of search engines which gave preference to domain names which exactly matched search terms.

Competition for site names has also increased because there could be many other sites operating in the same space. This would require visitors to remember exact domain name each time they are on the internet.
For example if you users, they may not find the site easily if they just type the word mail on Google. They must remember as the full brand.

However when you go in for brandable domain names you would be able to create an identity for your company. But this again could be difficult for individuals to remember. They may not be able to identify your domain with a specific product or service. Hence you may have to invest time, money and effort to educate the visitors and also advertise and inform potential customers for making them remember your domain and also associate with specific products and services. But it certainly comes with its own share of benefits. Once the brand name becomes popular and takes off, it could become a household name and users and customers will not confuse it with other different companies.

Which One To Choose

In most cases it would be a good idea to have both descriptive and brandable domain names which could give you the best of both the world. You could choose to have a brandable domain and have an image of the product or service which you are trying to sell. On the other hand you could have a descriptive domain name which talks about your brand and includes images of the same.

When we come across the world Linkedin in 2017, we always associate it with a business social network. However, it was not the case when the site was first set up. It took many years for Linkedin to become a site easily identifiable for any business network. One more website that comes to our mind is Today most people know that it is a crowdfunding site. It is a site which helps new entrepreneurs to kick-start their products by getting funds for them. However, if you are hearing this name for the first time, you could tend to associate it with a service provider who helps to get things kick-started and it could be things other than businesses. The same is the case with which could be associated with a river.

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