How To Supercharge Your WordPress Using The Jetpack Plugin?

Supercharge Your WordPress Using The Jetpack Plugin
Let’s admit it. We all love the feeling of a freshly downloaded WordPress. Normally, it’s swift to work with and comes with great features. However, the only thing that it lacks is significant functionality that you would really need for a properly functioning website.
Instead of spending hours looking around for numerous plugins that you are not even sure work, why not give Jetpack a try? It will give your WordPress website the much-needed extra functionality.

About Jetpack

Jetpack Plugin is another brainchild of developers. If you’re looking to give your WordPress website that extra functionality, then this is the plugin to go for. It gives you access to a wide range of image galleries while also allowing you to customize your website’s stylesheets. In addition, the plugin also helps to enhance your site’s security. Other functionalities supported by Jetpack plugin include a contact form and a sharing module to help you spread your content across different platforms. As you can see, this plugin carries so many features in one package. And while this may seem like a good thing, the plugin has received criticism from some quotas mainly the developers. For instance, some developers it so heavy with most of the features it comes with not necessary especially to the regular webmaster (according to them). To some extent, we also concur with them. However, this should not discourage you from acquiring Jetpack since most of its functionalities are certainly worth a try.

Let’s have a look at the benefits/services you stand to enjoy once you install Jetpack in your WordPress.

Brute Force security

Do you ever find yourself worrying about the security of your website? If your answer is yes, then you might want to try out Jetpack. The plugin comes with a fantastic Protect module that will effectively prevent and block any form brute force login attempts to your WordPress. Thankfully, the plugin is available freely. Can you even imagine that?

Besides, it takes you only five minutes or less to click, set up, activate, and connect to What are you waiting for?

CSS Editor

Are you looking to give your website a sort of makeover by changing its fonts or editing your theme? Then you’ll be glad to know that Jetpack comes with a CSS Editor which helps you achieve this quite effortlessly. All you need is to go to the themes section under Styles where you will find the editor. With this tool also, you will be able to try out various formatting styles. And the best part? You can first preview the styles (or any other change) before clicking the “change” button for a permanent style change. In the event that editing is not your thing, CSS editor has an option that will allow you to safely put in custom styles.

Related Posts

As your website’s traffic grows, it’s time to start planning about how to scale and enhance its performance. One area that you need to consider is the plugin you use to handle the “Related Posts”. A malfunctioning plugin here may cause mayhem to your server which could be catastrophic to your traffic and user experience. Fortunately, with Jetpack, all that is sorted out as it features a module that easily offloads all the calculations and stacks onto WordPress.coms servers. This will allow your visitors to access and see posts related to your content without having to endure any slowdowns on your server.

Other Features

On top of the three features above, there is a lot that Jetpack has to offer. For instance, do you need stats for your website? We all do, right? Jetpack comes with Site Stats Module that will give you various relevant stats which it presents in graphs for easier understanding. With this module, you can easily interpret daily, weekly, monthly and yearly visits.

In addition, this plugin comes with a Sharing Module that, as the name suggests, helps you easily share your posts? Most people using WordPress encounter challenges on this front which is why Jetpack found it wise to include this provision. With this module, promoting your site on social media or anywhere becomes a breeze. Besides, you will also be able to encourage your visitors to share your content on social media platforms.

Looking for alternatives of email auto responders? Feel free to use Jetpack’s Markdown Module. Instead of putting your email address on the website, this module encourages your visitors to feed their details on a contact form feature that comes as part of the package. They can then these details confidentially to your email address.

Still Need More Conviction To Use Jetpack?

By now we know that you can agree with us that Jetpack is indeed a powerful plugin worth trying out. Besides, we also hope that we have addressed any doubts that you could be having over this tool.

In a nutshell, Jetpack is easy to install and use, convenient and has a friendly interface. Install it on your website today and enjoy all the benefits outlined in this post.

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