A secure domain name is worth all the investmt

A secure domain name is worth all the investmt

A secure domain name is worth all the investment

It is surprising to learn that virtually every day individuals and business wake up to the loss of their registered domain names. In the internet times that we live in today, one’s company’s domain name is often a valuable asset. As such, taking precautions is and will always be a step in the right direction. Regardless of the many instances of loss, there still is a beacon of hope.
We come bearing some good news. Be sure to follow the outlined steps below on the path to secure your domain name.

Narrow down to a securable domain name

As regards the future of a company, the domain name is of utmost importance. In many cases, business partners and owners want a catchy name and one that will provide them, with a reputation that will last. Regardless, there are other factors to consider when selecting a secure domain name.

  • Firstly, the title should not just be descriptive, but it should be distinctive as well. In other words, make sure that the name you select is one that can receive trademark protection. A trademarked domain name assures you that the company will still belong to you in case disputes arise in the future.
  • Secondly, to ensure that the name is distinctive and secure, choose a unique name that does not feature so much in the day to day conversations. The domain name should be partly abstract but a little suggestive of what the company offers.

Beauty in multiple domain registrations

The aim of any company is to promote business as much as possible. Well, multiple domain registrations not only serves to promote the business but it also majorly serves to secure and protect one’s domain name. The assumption by most people is that as long they have the .com domain extension, then they are safe and good to go. It’s not necessarily the case. There is safety in registering different domains.
Register with different extensions such as .org, .net, .info among other. The beauty in multiple domain registrations is that it leaves no room for the competitors and hackers to use the similar domain name with a different extension and variation.

Privacy is everything

It is safe to say, be very cautious about your contact information. Here are a few tricks that you can use to protect your account information.

  • Firstly, use a secure email address rather than the free email accounts that are easy to hack and get unauthorized access.
  • Secondly, ensure that the password is involving with a series of letter, numbers and special characters.
  • Thirdly, every once in a while change the passwords to shed off the risk of hacking.
  • Finally, keep the account information to yourself. After all, they say that it is better safe than sorry.

Locking your domain names

When choosing a registrar for the domain, it is essential to be on the lookout for one thing. Does the registrar have the domain lock /transfer feature? A domain lock serves to ensure that the domain is not deleted or modified without the permission of the owner. In simpler terms, no one can tamper with your domain without you being aware and giving the go-ahead signal.

Understand the sensitivity of your registration information

It is often too easy to dismiss the necessity of an extra add-on feature to your domain name. However, domain privacy or WHOIS protection is essential when you want to keep your registration information private. Domain privacy is a feature that selectively removes your domain registration information from the public WHOIS database to ensure that your domain is safe and secure. This protection feature hides the name, email address and contacts among other details.

Online security controls are crucial

One of the most effective online security control methods is the extensible provisioning protocol (EPP). EPP is a feature used to attach a unique code to one’s domain. As a result, before any modifications and alterations, the registrar has to have the exclusive code to authorize and change the domain name. EPP is a unique criterion used to add security to the domain name.

Be up to date with your domain names

Earlier on, we established the importance of registering multiple domain names. Now, multiple domain names translate to more work. Always make sure that you have a procedure to monitor the expiration dates of the different domain names. Otherwise, you do not want to wake up one morning only to find out that your domain name has been sold out to your competitors. It is advisable to consolidate the expiration dates for easy remembrance and renewal.

The auto renewal feature

The auto renewal feature is one of the ways of monitoring one’s domain name portfolio. Choosing this option while at the registrar’s ensures that the registration of your domain name renews itself before the expiration date. The use of the auto-renew feature requires that you stay up to date with your payments and the information provided therein.

Stay clear of domain name scams

Every cloud has a silver lining, and there are two sides to a coin. In the same way, you should always be on the lookout for registrars who are out to ruin you and rob you of your money. There are many scammers in the market today. Woe unto you if you fall prey to these unscrupulous individuals. The important thing is to conduct sufficient research before settling for a specific registrar. If possible, agree to work with an individual who people identify with and have benefited from his or her services.
Most scammers use emails that look genuine to lure innocent domain name registrants. To be on the safe side, ignore emails that look suspicious and delete them altogether.

Hold on to the trademark rights of your domain name

The best way to protect and hold on to your trademark rights is to ensure that the domain name and brand you settle for is not in use. Establish that no one else has registered your domain name as a trademark. Trademark agents and the intellectual property offices should come in handy in giving you clearance for the domain name you intend to register. Having done that, in case disputes arise later you have every right to go to court if need be to stand up for your trademark rights.

In conclusion, every business owner dreams of having privacy in the course of running one’s company. As such, it is more of a nightmare to wake up to an individual claiming ownership of your domain name. The good news as we have explained above is that it is possible to protect your domain name for generations to come. The few pointers given are but a few of the many tactics and strategies one can use to secure and establish a strong domain name.

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