How safe is your Domain Name?

Protect Your Domain Name By All Means
Many people rarely think of the safety of their registered domain names. As long as the company website is up and running, that is all that matters. A recent court case in Arizona enlightened many people on the importance of ensuring that their domain names are secure at all times.

A man was charged with holding hostage his former employer’s domain name and attempting to extort $10,000 from him in exchange for the domain name. This case puzzled many people, and it was an eye-opener to how domain names can be a source of crime and quick money for some people. This also meant that the company was not able to access their website which is a crucial part of any business. A domain name may seem like a tiny component of a site, but it has a very significant impact on any business.
There are several ways of ensuring your domain name is safe and well protected at all times. The safety measures involved depend on the size of your company or organization and; if the company is owned by one person or several people.

Small companies/organizations

This kind of enterprises belongs to a single person. It is tempting to delegate running of the company’s website to a different person, but it is advisable not to involve a second person.
It is okay to get help when registering and setting up the site, but once everything is up and running, ensures you are the one managing the website. Running a company individually is not easy due to increased workload. However, with proper time management skills, you will be able to find time to manage your website.

Large companies/corporations

Prominent organizations have a wide variety of staff which makes it easier to delegate duties since there are different departments involved. However, this does not mean that only one person should be in charge of the domain name and website details. It is advisable to have a secure email address that cannot be assessed by different individuals within the organization. Change the login details each time an employee leaves the company just to be on the safe side.

It is advisable to use a secure password that is not so obvious. For example using simple passwords like the date which the company was founded should not be used since hackers can easily guess it.
Security protocols are essential. Several people should be involved in the process of changing the website details. Protocols will ensure that no single person can alter any website details or tamper with the domain name without consulting other members. Make use of additional security measures that ensure that other people outside the organization cannot hack or get access to the company’s information. Purchasing Domain monitoring services are essential since it will notify you of every activity about the domain name.

You will be notified via email when someone attempts to change the domain name or settings. You can also lock the domain name to prevent unauthorized transfers to another registrar. Purchasing protected registration will help the domain name from being moved from one account to another.

Ensure no one has access to the account login details including webmasters. They only need hosting account login details. You should take advantage of the administrator privileges to grant access levels to the employees you will need to manage the website. Regularly login into the account to ensure all is well and no details have been tampered with.

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