How to Protect Your Domain Name

How to Protect Your Domain Name
There exists a relationship between your brands’ integrity online presence and your domain name. A unique URL or address in the intern is referred to as a domain name. It is normal if not mandatory for businesses today to have a website. When searching for a business online, it is common to judge its credibility according to the business`s URL. Isn’t it?

For your brand to be available online, you have to own a domain. How do you go about creating a high-quality premium domain name? First, you select your domain name; you then maintain and keep it while protecting it too. You are protecting your domain name from counterfeits and hacker. Once protected, your business will appear trustworthy and legit. Need is say it will attract more customers.

Successful and well-established brands are easily found online. This is because their domain names are easy to remember because the keywords are those of the company`s name. Also, they are simple and catchy. Have you ever considered why large companies rank in SEO? This is because their keyword is the same as their company names making them easily recognized. Therefore, the web users key in the company`s name without a doubt. Established companies that have been in the business for long and that are easy to find on the internet do not waste time when they buy, register or protect their domain names.

The first step you should take is registering your domain. Web hosting services are where you register. By registering it, you protect your domain name since no one can use it. Once you have registered it, you have to protect it, this is done by locking your domain at the registry level to avoid hackers from coming in and hijacking your domain name which we all know does not end very well. You should only allow yourself and if need be very few users to have access to your domain name. Once you get an alert of a change in the address or email account that you use, be quick to alert the registrar.

To further protect your domain name, you should link your corporate objectives to your domains. This ties your domain to your business. Your domain remains protected since when someone hacks and begins posting inappropriate things, your customers will question the changes and notice something is wrong rather than them losing trust and questioning your business.

Prevention is better than cure

Each day more than a thousand domain names are hacked. It is more difficult to regain customers that you have lost due to hacking. since the hacking incidences can be avoided by upgrading your level, security remains paramount. For more security, install SSL certificates and spyware. You should also put in mind any top level domains be they local or international that offer opportunities and benefits to your business brand. By adding this top-level domain in your domains portfolio, you reduce the chance of your business`s domain falling into wrong hands.

Cyber Squatters, Who are they? What do they do?

Cyber squatters are just like hackers but are smarter. They target well-known and established domains. They then divert traffic that goes to the company to their sites. By diverting the traffics to their own sites, they end up earning from customers who have not realized the website is imitated.

As said above, they are smart and use tactics that are hard to follow. They use spoofed domains that are also legit. This makes it hard to realize the website is an imitation and the company normally suffers losses and lose quite a number of customers before they realize. They are hard to catch or track. To be on the safer side, register a number of top-level domains, limit your administrator access and checking your domains regularly helps reduce the risk of an attack on your domain that leads to a spoilt reputation.

If you are looking to sign up your first domain to link with your website; or looking for several versions and top-level domains combinations that diversify your portfolio and in turn protects your domain worry not Domain Market has all that. Moreover, it has premium domains for those who may need them. Your domain name is linked to your brand, business or company. Therefore, it acts as a potential source of income too. Allowing fewer users gain access to your domain name details and using two step authentication are simple ways that protect your domain and business as well.

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