What You Need to Know Before Buying A Domain Name

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Many domain names are registered online today. Most people nowadays are rushing to have blogs and websites. They are not taking time to know how it is all done. Most of them rush to create names that are not unique not knowing what harm they are doing to their websites. Some don’t even know what is needed to register or how to create their domain names. Some do not know where to register to be able to get started.

A domain name is what is used to identify IP addresses for computers on the internet. The name is used to identify or locate the addresses of a web page or any internet source. The address is known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). For every domain name, there is a suffix which indicates the Top Level Domain (TLD) to where it belongs.

A domain name can be a merge of any numbers or letters. It can also combine different domain name extensions like .com and .net. Before you can use your domain name, it is a must it be registered. Your domain name should not match another domain name. The name should be unique.

The uniqueness of the name is important because, when someone types the domain name, it should go to your website not someone else’s. The sui generis of your domain name will help you to market your brand or what you do.

What is a domain registration?

Domain registration is the procedure of formally registering your domain name. The registration of a domain name will help with the identification of IP addresses.

Domain registration requirements

A domain registrar will have to serve you or an accredited national company with ccTLD or ICANN. The registrars help you to register a domain name with any extension, may it be .tv or .net or .org.

Domain and hosting

Some people think that domain and hosting are the same things, well they are not. You need both a domain and hosting for you to be able to have a website. Hosting is a space found on a remote computer or server. Space contains all your site contents. As for the domain, it helps people to be able to find your website.

Choosing a domain name

There are many factors that you need to consider when you are masterminding ideas for your domain name. The following will help you choose an effective domain name.
• The name should be brandable.
The name is the image of your company make it appealing.
• Keep it short.
Make it short to be easy to remember.
• Instantly intuitive
The name should give an idea about your business
• Make it unique
Uniqueness is the important part. Being unique will help people to search for your name and get it easily for the domain name does not match someone else’s.

Things to know before buying a domain name

There are things that you need to know before you buy your domain name. Below are seven things you need to know.

1. Purchase a well-known TDL

It will be way better, and easy to buy a domain name extension that is popular. Buy a .com or .net or .org., if they are not available at all, you can as well buy a well-known extension from in your country. A known extension will help your domain name to be easy to remember and eye-catching. Do not go choosing a unique extension thinking that it will help you and make it easily memorable. The truth is, it does not.

2. Choose a simple domain name.

Choose a domain name that is very easy to remember. There are many business websites online, and you need to stand out. You can use your business name or a name that will be memorable. Choose a name that is easy to spell, do not choose a complicated name.

Make the name short. Most people don’t like typing long words that you have to refer to a type. The typing can make people lose interest in it, yet, the website is your office. Avoid using hyphens between the words in your domain name. For example, take a look at this domain name “TheMilkshakeMezbaan.com” and this “The-Milkshake-Mezbaan.com.” The first one will be easy to type in but for the second one will be frustrating when telling someone of your domain name. Hyphen use can also affect you negatively in the SEO ranking.

3. Whois blocking

Whois blocking is a kind of way of having your domain privacy. The blocking prevents someone from seeing all your information. It blocks contact information about you like your name, telephone number, your address and your email address. Some people think that, if you have Whois blocking is not a must you indicate your right contact information. Even if you going to have the privacy, it is a must you put in your correct contact details.

4. Auto-renew

It is essential to auto renew your domain name. When buying your domain name, there is an option for you to pay for one year to maybe ten years. If your domain name is not renewed and passes the expiration date, it will not be possible to access it. Domain registrars always send an invoice for you to renew to your email.
Renewing your domain name will help to prevent scammers who tend to want to prey on your domain name. There are also con artists who will try to scam you if you don’t renew your domain name.

5. More than one domain name.

You can have many domain names that are pointing to your website. You can have a primary and secondary domain. All of the domains will be for different purposes and will always take the user to the same place. One can have a catchy name, and another can have the name of your business, but all in all, they will still lead someone to the same place.

6. Location of your domain

For the domain, email and hosting, it will be easier to have and be able to access and control all from one point. Accessing them from one location will help you to gather your information much easier and faster if you have not logged in to your domain for long. Don’t make it hard for yourself by having everything spread out everywhere on the internet.

7. Sub domains.

You can have sub domains. All you need to do is to separate into sections by doing different hosting accounts or servers. You can also do this by separating emails to departments. All this will help with security.


I hope that the seven tips above help you to be able to zone into the best domain name and also what to know before you buy the name. But remember, do not tell someone else to go and buy for you the domain. Do not also transfer your domain name to other peoples’ domains. Good luck!

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