$1 Off NameSilo Coupons (Just $7 Domain Name Registrar Or Transfer)

$1 Off NameSilo Coupons
$1 Off NameSilo Coupons (Just $7 Domain Name Registrar Or Transfer)

In case you decide to start blogging or any business site, the initial step will be to purchase a domain name. You’ll find plenty of reliable domain registrars on the web to serve your purpose.

It is very likely for you to have a restricted budget for purchasing a website name, themes, web hosting and so on since you are only a beginner. In this case, it is possible for you to get this stuff by simply saving one dollar. In this particular article, I will share with you the NameSilo review which happens to be one of the least expensive domain registrars at present.

Being completely based on domain reselling as well as registry, this company doesn’t offer any web hosting. In fact, in terms of pricing and other features, it is much better as compared to many other registrars. They are reputed for using in-house designed tools rather than third-party tools for domain management.

How use NameSilo coupon codes ?

Very simple, just go to NameSilo, enter the domain you want registration, add them to Shopping Cart. Then paste coupon code to “Have a Coupon or Promotion Code?” section, click Submit. You’re Done.

Why NameSilo?

  • Lowest TLD (.com, .net, .org, etc.) prices compared to many other companies
  • They don’t charge any extra money for renewals
  • Some companies give you domain under $1 for the first year but at the time of renewal charge extra fees
  • Lifetime FREE WHOIS Guard as long as you use NameSilo
  • Easy to manage and user friendly control panel for managing all of your domains
  • Free email forwarders for upto 5 different email addresses
  • Free domain parking and 100% revenue of parked domains
  • ICANN accredited registrar

NameSilo Review

NameSilo Coupons
While selecting a domain provider, the first thing that one should consider is the low cost and also the least expensive Domain Fee’s Price. The price which a company charges for registering domains is very important. You’ll find lots of companies each of which has different pricing for the identical type of TLDs; the pricing will also depend on the domain extensions. While some domain registrars will charge an extremely high price, the others will offer certain domain extensions at a very affordable rate.

While, a “.com TLD” is going to cost somewhere between $11 and $16 at present, you can buy the same thing at NameSilo for only $8.99 per year. However, the pricing of .org and .net will not be similar to that of .com. The pricing is $9.99 for .net, $10.39 for .info and $10.79 for .org yearly.

Although discounts are offered by several domain providers initially for attracting new customers, the prices will go up quite high during the time of renewal. One positive aspect regarding NameSilo is that the amount you pay the first year will remain the same on the renewals. However, it is possible to use Coupon code “NCSILO” in order to save one dollar for all the TLD’s in case you happen to be a new customer.

Free WHOIS Privacy for Lifetime

When it comes to getting freebies, NameSilo is much better than other companies since they provide free of charge WHOIS privacy for the lifetime. You need to provide all your personal information like name, phone number, and email as well as address while registering a particular site name. This information is usually stored in ICANN database which can be accessed by anybody.

You need to purchase WHOIS privacy for hiding this information which will cost you approximately $5 to $10 every year, and it is offered for free by several companies for the first year. However, absolutely free WHOIS Guard is offered by NameSilo for the entire lifetime till their platform is used for managing the domain names. No doubt, it is a great deal.

Bulk Domain Savings

It is possible to save a considerable amount at NameSilo simply by registering several domains. A special discount program is offered by them where you will receive an additional discount in case you register 50 or even more domains at any given time.

They will provide $15 discount for purchasing 50 domains and $250 for buying 500 domains. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money by this particular bulk discount program in case you happen to be in the domain purchasing and selling business.

Domain Management

A very easy to manage and uncomplicated control panel has been provided by NameSilo which enables you to perform any action as well as keep track of domain status, name server, expiration date, email forwarding, portfolio and so on. You can also download the .csv files of your domain details.
Domain Management
Setting up and managing DNS settings of any particular domain name is possible with only a few clicks. The One-click integration with the majority of the platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla, is one more outstanding feature. There is, in fact, no requirement to edit any DNS settings.

In case you would like to forward domain as well as email address, you will get that option with the control panel where it is possible to implement both the functions with just a few clicks. One particular email account can be forwarded to as many as five different email addresses.

Number of Available TLDs

In terms of the number of TLDs that are being offered, NameSilo is much ahead than its competitors. Whereas only 10 to 50 top level domains are offered for selection by the majority of the companies, it offers a wide scale of TLDs, country-code domains as well as generic-TLDs. Thus it is possible for you to select the most effective one required for your business. Top level domains are provided by NameSilo which cover categories like Education, Business, Adult, Popular, Food and Drink, Arts and Entertainment, and so on. Over 500 extensions are provided by NameSilo and the prices are also quite affordable. It is possible to buy bulk domains if you want to qualify for any special discount offer.


18 cents of each domain is paid to ICANN yearly by every single registrar. You will be charged for this fee by virtually all the companies during the checkout procedure.

Fortunately, in contrast to the other companies, NameSilo is not going to charge any ICANN fee and this will be paid by them. It is definitely quite beneficial for the customers.

Domain Parking

It might be the fact that although you have lots of domains, you’re not using every single of them. It is possible to generate enough money with domain parking through the unused domains. A page will be assigned to your domain which will include advertisements. When somebody will click on these advertisements, you will automatically generate cash.

There is no charge for parking on NameSilo and you will receive full revenue. By making use of the parking manager tool, you will be able to control the layout, page content, ads, color as well as several other things.

NameSilo Marketplace

Are you trying to flip domain names?

In that case, you will definitely like the marketplace of NameSilo. This particular marketplace has the required tools which will enable you to control and promote the domain names as well as sales reports within your account.

Furthermore, there is also the Domain Investor Tool which will allow you to monitor sells as well as financial data.

In fact, you need not invest anything for the marketplace listing. Moreover, you might also find old or expired domains as well. This is definitely an additional advantage provided by them.

Payment Options

In case you do not have any PayPal account or credit card, there is no reason to worry since a vast range of payment gateways is provided by them for purchasing the website names.

Various options like VISA, Paypal, Dwolla, Discover, Skrill and Bitcoins will be accepted by them. There are only a few registrars that support Bitcoins.

Customer Support

A remarkable customer support is offered by NameSilo by means of live chat, phone call and email tickets. They are usually quite fast and reply within several hours. Do not hesitate to contact them in case you are confronted with some issues and they will definitely fix it very fast.

However, 24 hours telephone support and live chat is not offered by them. This option is only available on Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 4 PM Arizona time. Articles as well as solutions of all the different types of issues are contained in their knowledge database.

Why should you select NameSilo for domain registration?

I have tried a lot of domain registrars such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, and 1and1 till now. However, my preferred one is definitely NameSilo in terms of pricing even though it is not that popular. Nevertheless, it is really worth using their service.

NameSilo will definitely emerge as the winner in case we compare their pricing as well as features with other domain providers. Let us try to compare their pricing and features with that of GoDaddy.

Note: The below comparison is calculated for 3 years because with long term usage you can save some bucks.

Why should you select NameSilo for domain registration

GoDaddy is regarded as the most inexpensive registrar on the web. However, it is obvious from the above that NameSilo is much more affordable as compared to it. It is possible to save as much as $28 simply by using NameSilo. Isn’t that awesome?

Final Words

Although I have over five domains with NameSilo, I never had to face any technical problem. Even the beginners can understand their easy-to-use Control Panel. Furthermore, as compared to other companies, their pricing is much more affordable. The provide some premium features like WHOIS privacy as well as domain defender without charging anything at all which is definitely one of the positive aspects about them. Moreover, they also don’t charge any ICANN fee.

NameSilo will definitely be ideal for you in case you are looking for an affordable domain registrar and I strongly recommend it without any type of doubt at all.

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