How to make your WordPress website Mobile Friendly?

Smart phones and tablets have become a large part of everyday life. People are always swiping, tapping, snapping, googling and performing any other relevant action with their phones and/or tablets. In fact, it is projected that 2015 will have the highest number of people using their mobile devices to search the web. This is reason enough to create a WordPress website that is mobile friendly.

How to make your WordPress website Mobile Friendly?
Ignoring this may have detrimental results. If you are one of those people who fail to recognize the power that mobile market holds, then you will end up losing out on opportunities to reach a larger target audience.

Lucky for you, we cannot term the process of creating a mobile ready site as technically challenging.

Before getting your website mobile friendly, you need to know why it needs to be this way.

Look around for a minute and you are likely to notice a few things. Almost everyone is using a mobile device. The kids haven’t been left behind either. They also browse many things on their devices every single day. Most of the people you see around you are probably reading a blog post, accessing a particular site, etc. So, why not yours?

When it comes to getting traffic, you must maximize every mobile channel you have. When we say mobile devices are big in 2015, we mean just that. People use their mobile devices for daily browsing and come across many different blogs on different topics. Some scour different sites as they look for products, info, entertainment, etc.

Technology and marketing are two critical aspects that a site owner should not take lightly. You should always be alert. Is your website optimized for viewership on a mobile device? No? Then traffic coming to your blog is likely to reduce seeing as you have closed down an important mobile tech avenue. Your site should also fit on different screen sizes of different mobile phones.

When your blog/website lacks mobile visibility, you lose potential subscribers and your competition overtakes you.

The tips below should help you get your WordPress site the title ‘mobile friendly’:

use of mobile friendly themes
To ensure your site’s theme stays the same between the desktop and mobile devices, consider having a mobile theme. This is a great option because it means you don’t have to develop a theme on your own or spend money on hiring someone to do it for you. With the increase in mobile device usage comes an increase in mobile themes.

The following mobile themes are popular:

  • Mayashop
  • Twenty Fourteen
  • Scherzo
  • Metro

Themes can be used as parent themes and mobile themes. You can also add some CSS tweaks that will help your site function properly of small screens.

One of the reasons people like WordPress so much is because it has a strong attribute that its competitors lack. This is the availability of a wide range of plugins. These plugins make things simpler for the website owner i.e. you. Website owners can make website operations more efficient with the use of suitable plugins. These plugins can also help make your website more mobile friendly. Do you want high traffic? Then use the right WordPress plugins.

As a site owner, it is more likely that you would prefer spending time and effort in planning your site’s actual content as opposed to looking into technical details that make your site function perfectly. A simple plugin will ensure your content is easy to read without you having to zoom in or without having to continuously scroll from the left to the right just so you can read the content.

WP Mobile Detector and WordPress Mobile Pack are plugins you can check out.

Make your site more responsive
A responsive site is one that responds in accordance with the resolution of the particular device it is viewed on. When users view your site on a desktop, it is presented in a standard way. However, when they view it on their smart phones, they view it in a different way. The same applies when they view your site on a laptop or tablet.

A WordPress website theme that is responsive is usually customized automatically. Cool, right? It is easy to make your site responsive when you are using a WordPress platform. To get started, look for a responsive WordPress theme suiting your website’s style and apply it to your site. Whip out your Smartphone and search online. You will find several paid and free themes to choose from.

Tone down the elaborate graphics
Think about your mobile device screen size. The screens are getting bigger, but they are small as compared to a desktop screen. Don’t stuff your site with fancy graphics. A few graphics here and there doesn’t hurt because you get to enhance your website’s look. However, when you plaster them all over, they tend to slow down your site’s load time making your user’s experience irritable. ECommerce websites should never bombard their shoppers with fancy graphics. Keep it simple and quick for them.

Select your text wisely
Minimizing text goes hand in hand with minimizing graphics if you want to make your website mobile friendly. Mobile users don’t have enough space on their screens to check out what product you are selling. It is unlikely that mobile visitors will zoom in or out to view several products, or scroll up and down just so they can get to read all info about those products. It is because of this that you should work on keeping text precise and to the point.

You don’t have to do what your competitors are doing. Just give your visitors what they need for making purchases.

The bottom line
Optimizing your WordPress site so that it is responsive with mobile devices is not a difficult task. Today, this has become close to a necessity. As a website owner who knows the internet, you might already know about how the mobile world is taking over. The tips mentioned above will help you secure your place in the competition and give you a profound reach to all your blog readers and target customers.

If you are thinking of or planning to start a blog, consider using GpDaddy (GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting). You can get your mobile friendly blog up in a matter of minutes!!

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