Importance of Domain Names and How they impact SEO

Importance of Domain Names and How they impact SEOLaunching a website that stands out from the rest today is not an easy task as there are a number of websites out there. However, there are a few techniques you can use to ensure your website stands out from the rest. One of these techniques is choosing a domain name. In this scenario, a domain name helps in determining how fast the site picks up in the sense that it finds its way easily on SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Why Keyword?

According to SEO it is imperative you use sort after Keywords in your website as this often improve on CTRs and are also rated higher on most search engines such Google and Yahoo. So how does this work to your advantage?

You will come to realize that most strategists go for Exact Match Domains (EMD). These are usually domains that contain the exact keyword phrase targeted. A good example is if you want to rank for “refresh codes“, go for ““. The following are some of the benefits of selecting EMDs:

  • The Keyword Phrase in the domain is a ranking factor
  • This is one of the factors that encourage the webmasters to insert the phrase in the anchor text when linking to the site.

However, according to some of the changes made on Google in accordance to EMD update, (from 0.34 in the year 2008 to 1.8 in the year 2012), domain containing keywords may not be as important in future. This means that in future, domain names having a keyword inserted in it might not a have a massive impact as at now but this does not mean that they should be ignored completely.

Why Keyword Domains For Increased CTR?

Research shows that when you have a domain with premium key words, you are capable of increasing clicks through rates on ads and SERP listings. According to a certain study by Memorable Domains, it was found out that ads having generic domain domains often perform better compared to identical ads with generic or non-generic domain names.

Why search volume?
In order to establish the search volume, the keyword in the domain often attracts or uses Google’s keywords to find out. Therefore, it is important you go for a domain having a higher search volume.

Why cost?
This is basically because most of the domains with premium keywords have already been registered and if not they have become very expensive.

Why .COM extension?
Domains with .com extension are usually more valuable than the ones having the other alternatives like .net extension. They are also rated highly with SEO compared to the other extensions.

Choosing a Brandable Domain

In as much as it is very important to go for a domain with the targeted keywords, it is also important to establish the brand ability of your domain. Remember that your brand is also very important as it is your company’s identity. The essence of a domain name can never be refuted. This is what your followers on the internet, the social media and the search engines use to identify and interact with you. Take note that apart from keywords and links, brands also play a big role in determining how much traffic your site attracts. Therefore, the first step towards establishing a sort after brand is first by creating a brandable domain.

How To Select a Brandable Domain

The following are the factors to consider when choosing a brandable domain
.COM extension
It is not a secret anymore; .com extension is the way to go. Therefore, choose a .com extension and be part of everyone.
Be memorable
Users often have a lot of option when they visit the internet hence if your name is not precise and easy to remember, they will not waste their time trying to remember it. Try to be simple and precise to make the user’s work easy.
Be relevant
Make sure that the domain you choose resonates what your company does. You can visit Amazon Mechanical Turk and conduct a random survey using your domain name. Make users guess what your domain name refers to and use the response to determine whether you have chosen the right one.
Easy to spell
The simpler it is the better. Avoid domain names with ambiguous names.
Be authoritative
Users are often attracted to domain names that command authority and have elements of trustworthiness and credibility. Avoid domain names such as
Keep your domain name short. In fact, it is usually advised you settle for one or two words. Most brandable sites have about nine characters in their domain names.
Be unique
If you are looking for uniqueness, then go for a distinct domain name. Avoid names such as your discounted This is a sign of zero creativity.

How To Find a Great Domain Name?

It is not easy getting a perfect brandable domain name. This is because most of them are either already registered or are very expensive. Therefore, in order to choose the perfect brandable domain, you need to exercise precision and brainstorm. The following are tips on how you can get started:
Manipulate the existing words
It is not easy coming up with a unique word just instantly. Make use of the thesaurus to come up with words that come up easily. Some of the good examples of great domains that were created from existing words are and
Come up with new words
Take some time and brainstorm with your friends to come up with a number of new words which you can choose from. Some of the domain names that were created from new words include and
Create portmanteaus
Portmanteau refers to a combination of two or more words and their definitions bring up new words. For instance refreshcodes, Pintrest are some of the domain names that were created from portmanteaus.

To conclude, I am hereby reminding you that getting the best domain is like making a giant step towards generating traffic to your website and establishing your brand. To spice it all, ensure your domain name is kept short, simple and precise.

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