How To Successfully Transfer A Domain Name – 8 Simple Steps

How To Successfully Transfer A Domain Name - 8 Simple Steps
What’s simpler than protecting your domain name from hijackers? You just need to click the right button as well as having a good registrar. Having a successful domain name revolves around the following eight steps:

  1. Confirm your period of domain name registration with your actual registrar. ICANN is hesitant to approve a domain name transfer that is pending in its first 60 days.
  2. During the transfer of your domain name, ensure that you unlock it if you had locked its registry.
  3. Verify if the contact details are correct, that is, the contacts that you used during the registration of the domain name. To approve the domain name transfer, your admin data is needed by the two registrars in a span of not more than five days failure to which the transfer will fail requiring you to restart afresh.
  4. For the two registrars to see your entire contact information, you must deactivate the WHOIS privacy first.
  5. To avoid time wastage, it’s advisable to use the current name servers for domain name transfer or else update the name server before the start of the process. A pending transfer may result in breakdown.
  6. Verify the transfer expiry date before commencing transfer to avoid being caught up by time. The transfer usually takes seven days beyond which it will fail forcing you to commence. Additionally, your domain name will be locked ending the transfer.
  7. To avoid entering in the isolation, you should verify the renewal date of the name you need in the 30 days of expiry period. It will be withheld until you restore the name.
  8. it’s a requirement that you give an EPP auth-code or a transfer key from the actual registrar. On choosing your transfer period, you should demand the code with the utmost urgency possible. The 6-16 characters auth. code is important for added protection to your domain name from hijacking by scams.

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About the transfer period

After beginning the name transfer, it will take at most 7 days for most domain extensions. However, some will even take 5 days depending on the extension and the process. ccTLDs may ask for trademark numbers as well as company registration numbers. It’s recommended that you verify them with your current registrar before commencing the transfer process. This will save your time, i.e. reduce delay.

A perfect example of a registrar that you may consider transferring the name is the EuroDNS. After opening the account with them, you may login and click the dropdown menu which lies under International Domain Names in order to view the domain transfers.

Initially, fill the domain name you require for transfer then press the button “Transfer Your Names” Click on the Change Settings, followed by the name servers then name servers to have a complete domain name. It is also vital to acquire additional information such as Auth- code as well as any other document that may be vital. Press on the Next Step button and choose your preferred method of payment but remember to tick on the accept T&C. That’s the easy step that you can use to transfer your domain name.

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