How to optimize your website?

How to optimize your websiteWhen looking to optimize various pages of your site, SEO becomes your best bet. So, how do you go about SEO? Well, there are two things involved for you to succeed in SEO. One way is to identify what consumers need and thereby offering them the particular service or product. Alternatively, you can launch a quick-track SEO campaign with an aim to occupy a spot in the first page of search engines.

Launching Your SEO Campaign

The main objective of this campaign is to grow your site’s organic traffic while offering a great experience for both the consumers and search engines. It’s important that your visitors relate your targeted keywords and tags with the content you’re offering in order for your site to rank well. There are well over 200 criteria search engines rely upon to determine your site’s rank. Some of the key aspects include the quality of the content you offer, keywords used, technical performance, page structure, etc. However, in the case of users, all they’re concerned about is what they get on your site.

Google Understands Users Better

Google is often well-versed when it comes to determining what users are looking for and what their reading preferences are which thus helps it anticipate their moves. As such, it is very keen on what the visitors get which is why it is keen on optimization pursuits by webmasters. As such, try to focus on user experience by ensuring your visitors get contented with what they get on your site upon their keyword search. This way, you’ll get into Google’s good books and thus destined to rise quickly in the ranks.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO- How Both Work in Enhancing Site Visibility

These are the two main SEO strategies webmasters use to increase their site’s visibility on SERPs. With Black Hat SEO, the main objective is to try and influence search engines through the use of tricks that are forbidden by the engines. In a majority of cases, this leads to a compromise in user experience which might attract huge penalties such as a drop in Google indexing list.

On the other hand, White Hat SEO targets at offering excellent consumer experience by providing them with relevant content while also observing the various search engine guidelines and policies.

Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO- The Techniques To Keep Away From

Keyword stuffing

Google is pretty strict when it comes to overusing keywords in your content. As such, it considers the content to be spam. On the other hand, your visitors will find such content to be boring and irrelevant. For this reason, you will need to infuse your keywords in a more natural way in your well-structured content. Make your content readable, while also ensuring that your title tags, meta description, title tags and URL all follow the required Google guidelines.

Lack of Unique Content

Of course it’s a crime by all measures to steal content from other websites without giving credit to the owners. As such, always remember to quote and reference your sources.

Including hidden texts or masked pages

This is a technique that involves posting content that’s too tiny to see or using white text on white background with an aim to trick Google into identifying certain keywords. You then go ahead to offer different content for users. You’ll only get punished by Google if you resort to this trick.

Dodgy link building and use of spam comments

This black hat technique involves abuse of link building while also posting comments that have links to your site on highly rated websites.

Abuse of Guest Blogging

In 2014, Google rolled out an update that targeted at curbing the abuse of guest blogging and how it’s used in link building. As such, users are now advised to avoid spamming such posts with too much links as this might upset consumers and ultimately diminish their experience.

Relying on SEO Agencies That Flout Google Guidelines

Always check the reviews of the SEO agency you wish to hire for your SEO to determine whether indeed other customers have achieved great results using their services. Steer clear of those agencies that guarantee to help your site rank high overnight. Besides, avoid agencies that use black hat SEO techniques.

Wrap Up: Patience is Paramount in Matters SEO

Google takes time to analyze your site for aspects such as content relevance as well as precision. It’s not uncommon for it to take up to six months to effect any changes in your ranking. Besides, you might not even know when it is releasing a new algorithm update. For this reason, it’s important to remain patient and always do what is right. Your patience will finally pay off in the end.

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