How to Move Your Website to a Different Domain Name

Shifting Your Website To A New Domain

How to Move Your Website to a Different Domain Name
In our today’s world, technology has improved. People nowadays use sites to market their businesses. Having a website has become a normal thing to have. Some people do not have something to market but use it to connect to people and share information. Feeds have become one of the hottest advances in the web technology today. It is always advisable to have a website for your business, this way; it is easy to keep your customers informed. It helps you to target a wider market thus assist in making more profits. But as your website grows it reaches a time that you need to change to a new domain.

What is a website? What is the difference between a website and a domain? These are some of the frequently asked questions. A website is a central location that has various related web pages. Access is through using a browser to visit a home page. As for a domain name. It is the name used for your website. It is the address that users use to access a website by identifying different computers on the internet.

So why would someone move a site to a different new domain? It is not something that is a must to do if you are a business owner. But it happens often.

Why the shift to a different domain?

The below are some of the common reasons the change.
• The website reaches the penalty score.
When this happens, your rankings are affected tremendously since search engines might think that your content is spam.
• After a long time-duration, you have to rebrand your business whereby the domain name has to be a part of it too.
• Another reason is when a better domain that will represent your business in its niche becomes available.
• You can also change to a new domain if you started off with a cheap one and wanted to upgrade since your site is taking off.
• You might have customers that are having trouble remembering your name.

How to move your website to a different domain

Before you do all this, you need to know that there is a risk in the dropping in the search rankings. But if you still want to change, below are some steps to help.

1. Create a backup

Before you do anything, you need to create a full backup of your site. You can choose to use any plugin such as Vaultpress, Word press backup to Dropbox, BackWPuP or BackupBuddy.

2. Export database

When done with downloading your database and also the /wp-content/ folder, you can move all your files to the new domain. But it is advised that it is better moving just some of your content first to test on any effects on search indexing and traffic. Pick the one with little traffic.

3. Uploading files to your new domain

You can log in via FTP. Then you can upload all the backup in your new domain to the web space. Do not forget to unzip your backup if you used your file manager before you upload. After doing all this, you can import all your database.

4. Set up permanent 301 redirects.

It is important to do this for both user experience and also SEO. It will help to redirect your users and the search engines to your new website when on one of your old pages.

5. Let Google know

It is imperative to let Google know that you have moved to a new domain name. Do this in the Google Search Console with the Change of Address.

6. Update sitemap

You should submit your old and new sitemap to google for it contains all the URLs.

7. Notify users.

It is always right to make an announcement to the public about your migration even if there are redirects.


By following the above steps, it will be easy for you to be able to move your website to a new domain. Switching domains can be lots of work for established websites. It all makes sense as your website grows more popular than when still new. Hope the above will be of help when you are ready to upgrade to that new domain.

Best of luck!

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