How to choose a domain name?

How To Choose a Domain NameIt is very pertinent that you learn how to choose a domain name whether it is for your personal website or for business purpose or even for your blog. The following is a list of 25 rules that will help you in choosing the best domain name. After you have gone through the list, ensure you are certain and use our instant domain search to search for a number of domain names.
You can also make use of our auction domain tools and find domain tools to make your search for the best domain name more efficient.

First and foremost, remember that some of these rules are more imperative than others depending on whether you want to choose a domain name for your business or for personal use. However, the following rules still remains the ones you need to follow while purchasing a domain in every circumstance.

  1. It is important that you resort for the .com TLD (TOP-Level Domain) which is the most popular and accepted extension for a domain name. If the domain name is for a business, then it is even more important to choose a .com due to its reliability boost which comes with it. It is not that I am disputing that there are also other successful businesses that run with domain names ending with .org or .net.
    However, come to think of it, this is more likely to bring confusion to your new potential clients who will be struggling to remember whether your business ends with .net or .org when they try to search for your website online. As a new business, try to adopt the .com which is more popular with most clients. On the contrary, there are exceptions to this rule.
    If your business is located outside the United States, it can be smart if you adopt the local TLD like .uk for the United Kingdom or .au for Australia and so on..COM domain just 99 cents first year
  2. Try finding a domain name with an easy spelling as most people find it difficult to spell correctly
  3. Make it shorter. Remember when you have a shorter domain name; it is much easier for your visitor to type, remember and similarly to refer to other potential clients. A shorter domain name comes with good things.
  4. Commercial appeal is paramount. A quick way to establish whether your domain name has commercial appeal is trying to picture it up on a billboard or in a commercial. This is especially important if you are looking for a business domain name but it is also equally important for personal domain names too.
  5. Avoid the hyphens as much as possible. The main problem with the hyphens is that most people forget the location of the hyphen and instead end up on a competitor’s web page. For instance if your domain name is www.bobs-carpeting, the customer might type www.boobscarpeting and eventually end up on a competitors page.
    Secondly, a domain name with a hyphen can times look like a cheap substitute for the original name in the eyes of the new visitor.
    This is the main reason why we allow you to use our advanced search options to choose domains without hyphens in all our auction domain tools.
  6. If you have got the right domain name ending with a .com, it is a good idea if you can purchase and register other common extensions such as .net, .info, .org then redirect these extension to your domain name which ends with a .com. This move has two main benefits.
    The first benefit is that when people type in the .net, they will be automatically redirected to the .com and this will also help prevent other people from buying a domain name that is the same as yours but with a different extension and potentially trying to steal traffic from your website.
  7. Ensure that you buy a domain name that makes sense when it comes to the singular and plural names matter. A good idea is to purchase both the singular name and the plural name then redirect the name that does not sound that better to the one that sounds better. For instance sounds better than
    This will help in reducing confusion and at the same time keep the singular domain from your competitors reach.
  8. If you are planning to register a brand new domain, you are going to pay an approximate value of $10 per year. If you purchasing a domain name from an auction or a person who is planning to sell their existing domain names, you should expect to pay at least from $5 to even more plus the annual registration fees.
    The difference is while you are able to get a reputable domain by hand registering a new one; you are more likely to find a top notch domain name a domain name auction.
  9.  Settle for a domain name full of keywords related to your website. Make use of our advanced search tools or any other of our tools to receive alerts when a domain having certain keywords you specify becomes available to register or simply buy at the auction.
  10.  Make use of the type-in traffic. This is when someone goes directly into a website by typing the exact thing they are looking for with an ending of .com in the URL browser. In case you find an exact match keyword only domain name you stand a chance of attracting more traffic to your site.
  11. Try as much as possible to avoid substituting common words with numerals since they can be hard and difficult to remember. For instance, try not to use the number 4 where you are expected to use for.
  12. Avoid using slang as much as possible just for similar reasons you should avoid using numerals. It is one thing to use u and another thing to use you.
  13. Be cautions with certain numerals and letters. Such as O and 0.
  14. Trying going for a brandable domain name as it can take your site a long way.
  15. Go for a domain name that is easy to type.
  16. Settle for a domain name that is easy to understand. Most visitors prefer something that they do not have to struggle to think what the site is about.
  17. Stay away from domain names having an existing copyright. Use the online search function of the US copyright office if you are not sure whether the domain name you have selected has copyrights issues.
  18. It is much easier to remember a unique domain name. Just make sure that you stay within the constraints of other rules while you are searching for a unique domain name.
  19. Use the thesaurus to help you choose your domain name. You can open the thesaurus in one tab then our instant domain search tool in another tab. Enter the words or word which you think closely describe your website into the thesaurus then load it into our domain search tool to check the availability of the domains.
  20. You can search for dropped domains which are domains which have recently changed their status from being registered to being unregistered due to several reasons such as failure of the business hence failure to renew the registration fee. You can search through our databases to find a number of dropped domains.
  21. Go for memorable domain names. If you can easily remember a domain name after hearing it for the first time then it is highly likely you have found a memorable domain name.
  22. Use domain auctions to find bargained domain names.
  23. Make use of an industry jargon to your website niche for the domain name to increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of your visitors who are actually familiar with the jargon in your website niche.
  24. Brainstorm with your friends and families who might help you come with the perfect domain name.
  25. Start now to choose your domain name before someone else do it before you.

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