Here’s Why You Need a Domain Name Server For Your Website?

Domain Name ServerMany website owners tend to place very little emphasis on their website’s DNS (Domain Name Servers). This is despite the fact that they serve such a crucial role in the way we all use the internet facility. Without the DNS, scouring the web would be a sheer disaster and a complicated procedure for most web users.
So, what is a DNS? Let’s begin here…

Domain Name Servers (DNS) Definition

DNS are computer platforms with the ability to read domain names on WebPages. It is the part that exists as part of your site’s URL between the www and the TLD (Top-Level Domain. You can identify it by its features which include .org, .edu, .com, and .us among many others. The most appropriate way with which you can identify them depends on the domain names of a site and the URL. Computers recognize them depending on the IP address on which the site was developed of being hosted. IP addresses are just a long sequence of numbers while the domain names are in letters.

The domain name servers can translate your site’s IP address into a domain name, and the reverse can also happen. You can retrieve a site with the help of a domain name server as long as you are a user of a computer. The domain name servers enable a website browser to type in the URL after which it is directed to the right site immediately.

The DNS identify your site’s IP address by checking the root domain name server. With this, locating the corresponding IP address of the domain name upon which the website will show would be much easier. We understand that this may sound like jargon to you. However, to put it in a clearer perspective, maybe you could try to imagine browsing the internet without the domain name servers and with only numerals. How do you think that would appear? Even more confusing, right?

The Importance of Domain Name Servers

DNSs translate the computer language of numbers and dots into words and letters are which people cannot understand. Instead of your site appearing like, it would look like this http://123.45.678.910 without the DNS. It is easier to remember the former compared to the latter; hence this example shows us the importance of a domain name server. It acts as your sites phone book on the net which will help you to know your website’s IP address which you might otherwise not know unless it’s yours.

In short, all the websites on the internet would be hard to find in the absence of the domain name servers. Imagine browsers not being able to locate your site? Many things would probably go wrong including losing clients and a drop in sales and traffic. Minus the DNSs, your business would suffer enormous loss, and any efforts you make would be futile.

In case you don’t have a DNS, you are doing your website a lot of injustice. As such, make sure you get one today so that other webs browsers can find your site easily and boost your business leads. You can look around for affordable DNS providers that can offer you the service for your site.

So, get your DNS today and enhance the visibility of your website on the web.

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