Harness the Power of WordPress Frameworks

Harness the Power of WordPress Frameworks
WordPress has many good qualities including a broad range of themes to suit different user tastes and needs. The designs are appropriate for all kinds of platforms including portfolios, e-commerce websites, online magazines, and blogs among others.

With the theme framework, you’ll up the game for all your design work projects and achieve more rewarding results. They will perform the donkey work on your behalf giving you an opportunity to tailor the user experience, feel, and theme of your site. And the best part? This doesn’t require coding.

Should one use the framework or regular WordPress when building a website? Well, this post delves into this topic and will begin by defining framework while also giving some notable recommendations.

WordPress Theme Basics

Any WordPress website must have a theme to manage how the site displays on the net. Each theme offers a different set of code and style sheet for a unique layout, delivery of content, and functionality features. WordPress stands out from the rest since it makes your site evolve with time, make changes, and adjust the design whenever you want without compromising your content in any way.

A majority of themes only give a generalized design outline and a single layout. Individuals can only modify few elements in the design e.g. design elements or the color. With an ordinary theme, on the other hand, you will have to do deep into coding and make tailored changes.

Understanding a WordPress Framework

Theme developers have a chance to create a single core theme thanks to frameworks. At the same time, it gives them a wide selection of various alternatives that give the ultimate feel and look of the website. Just as floor plans are essential for new homes, frameworks are increasingly important to WordPress. In fact, you can choose to merge many design and layout options and still manage to make small and individualized tweaks.

a WordPress framework is primarily made up of a parent theme that carries the general code and a variety of sub-themes called child themes. The sub-themes build on the parent theme through the use of additional functional and designs properties. Although some provide a single theme, they offer various alternatives to modify the design settings which include layout, fonts, and colors among others.
This framework enables one to alter the fly design to build a customized website. From this explanation, it is evident that people don’t like to dive into PHP code and WordPress style sheet pattern files. With a great framework, you are likely to save lots of time and energy.

What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis is among the most popular frameworks in the market today. It was developed in January 2010 by StudioPress as a single theme that displays different designs. When most designers are developing WordPress websites, they prefer using Genesis. In fact, a majority of them are now able to develop customized themes for special interests groups like writers, online travel agencies, and realtors among many others.
Genesis allows for collaboration and creation, but StudioPress features mostly third party designers in their newsletters and websites. When you go to the StudioPress site, you’ll see live demos of Genesis.

More Frameworks You Can Check Out

Just in case Genesis still doesn’t capture you, you can still access other types of frameworks. Some of them are bare bones and basic, and others have extra features and add-ons. You can check them out and choose the one you like based on your preferences. They include Cherry, Thematic, Thesis, Gantry, Underscores, and GeneratePress.

So Do You Really Need Frameworks

A majority of individuals attest that frameworks provide with a broad range of design properties they require to create their websites. Nonetheless, if you have never used it before, then framework might not get as many benefits as you want. The many options can weigh you down since it many elements. In fact, some of them offer great but technical alternatives in the admin panel.

Just in case you are in the field searching for a theme that will suit your website or you are tired of worrying about many modifications, try using a regular theme as that will work out well for you. You will get many themes free of charge when you log onto the WordPress.org theme storehouse. You should also try to various resources online on how you can select a suitable WordPress theme for your website.

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