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godaddy auction toolsIf you haven’t heard of this feature before, GoDaddy is offering an auction marketplace where sellers have the opportunity to post all of their available domains for a given period of time. At the end of this auction, the domain would be awarded to the highest bidder and the seller could also list a “Buy It Now” price, giving him the advantage of ending the auction whenever a buyer takes the offer. With that, the auction winner should pay the full price of the product, even when there are no other bidders. Likewise, GoDaddy is offering a number of tools that would assist the buyers and sellers, giving them the most convenient kind of transaction they can ever think of.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to “Buy Now” bid on premier expired names at auction, or make an offer, as well as sell a domain. GoDaddy would offer you the four simple ways to sell and build a domain. Thus, buying and selling domains had never been this convenient.

Buy Now – If you want to have your domain name today, clicking the “Buy Now” option would allow you to purchase it immediately.

Expired Domain Auctions- By placing your bid on an expired domain dame and being the highest bidder, the domain would be yours.
Offer/Counteroffer- If you’ll make an offer on a domain, GoDaddy would automatically notify the seller, giving him the option to accept or counter your proposed bid.

7-Day Public Auction- Just like a traditional online auction, the sellers should set a minimum starting bid price and the bidders could place a higher bid each time. The bidder with the highest bid would be declared as the winner.

Here are the following tools being offered

Multibid Tool
The multibid tool of GoDaddy allows the users to bid on a number of domains all at once. These people are limited to a maximum of 50 bids and they must list the domain name and price they’re willing to pay on each line. However, in order to be a part of this, you must be a paid member of GoDaddy.

RSS Feeds
Aside from the muiltibid feature, GoDaddy also offers the RSS feeds, giving the buyers and sellers all the updates they need in regard to the auction marketplace. Although, in order to use this feature, you’re going to need an RSS reader that is compatible with XML feeds. In the RSS categories, you’ll see the day’s most active auctions, closeout domains, GoDaddy’s auction blog, auctions with traffic, featured listing, and even the daily gems. In the daily gems list, it’s comprised of GoDaddy’s picks of the most popular and hottest auctions that transpired on that given day.

GeoDomain Map
With the GeoDomain map, you’ll the ability to look for auctions based on your geographical location. You could select a specific city, region, or state and limit your search on a specific number of miles away from that chosen location. Then, in order to narrow the searches, it’s important to add keywords and you could also zoom in and out on the map, giving you a better view of everything.

This feature allows the users to bypass the normal user interface, giving them the privilege to access GoDaddy’s auction directly and with ease. You could also come up with your own script, search domains, and make payments. Although, keep in mind that when you’re running the automatic scripts, you’ll be responsible for payment, even though it was just a bidding in error.

If there’s a need for you to monitor an action while you’re away from your PC, with the help of GoDaddy mobile application, it would still be possible for you to do just that. All you need to do is visit from your phone or tablet’s browser and you’ll have the privilege of watching active auctions, placing bids, and accessing the saved domain searches from your GoDaddy account. Likewise, an FTP site is also available, giving you a list of all available auctions that you could download in CSV, ZIP, and XML file formats.

Market Report
With the help of GoDaddy’s market tool, you’ll have the ability of viewing key statistics within the past month or quarter. Aside from that, you could also have the report categories, including best-selling keywords, auctions, and even the sales volume. The report is also offering comparisons of the previous month or quarter, based on your selection.

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