Find Out Why a Website Outdoes Facebook

Find Out Why a Website Outdoes Facebook
No doubt the world is dynamic. Majority of the technology is getting outdated and social media is no exception. Take an example of 2go an interactive site that now has little or no people using it. Why? This is because better sites came up such as Facebook, Instagram and snap chat. This is the same case, websites are slowly taking over. Majority of business owners are misled by the thought of social media being better since a lot of people are hooked on them. I mean yes, many people are on Facebook, but what about those who are not.

Facebook is cheaper, in fact, it is free. Have you ever heard the adage that free is expensive? In the long run, your free Facebook account may be the source of your misfortune as your business deteriorates forcing you to close down. Many small business owners do not own websites. Their reason being they have insufficient funds to pay website builders. How valid is their reason?

First of all, credibility has become a major issue among customers. Customers believe that a serious business person should own a website or at least an email account where inquiries can be directed. Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer this, so you can imagine how ironical it is when you have a business card with no email on it.

Secondly, a website is yours; you have total control over it while Facebook is third-party. This means that you have to comply with its terms and conditions failure to which you risk losing your account.
Moreover, you can change your website’s design and look to however way you want it to. For your Facebook page or account, there is a little change that you can make since you have rules you must comply with.

Let`s talk money. If you own a website, you can also earn from it by selling ad spaces. Needless to say, this opportunity does not exist on Facebook.

How a website can help a new business

Well, it is quite obvious to customers to check on the number of customers your business has. It is natural to avoid losses and poor services. Your Facebook page is public with everyone or anyone having access to the number of followers. This is unlike a website where only you can see how many people accessed the site.
If your business is new, you can only imagine the damage you might receive from a Facebook page as people compare you with other competing businesses.
Facebook has many users, yes. But how do you reach those not on Facebook? It is wise to first create a website, which you can later link to your page on Facebook. This will attract more customers and cover more ground.

How to go about building a website

Building a website has never been easier. In addition, it is quite convenient and cheap. Several apps that help build a website are offered by Go Daddy. In addition to the easy process, the services are affordable with you paying only $12.00 dollars for the first year. Rather than remaining at the mercies of Facebook, forward to your Facebook your registered business domain name. Other than it being presentable, it makes it easy for people to recognize your business and website since they will be familiar with your business name.

Moreover, linking your Website to your Facebook makes it easier to get more customers. Most of the interesting things people see on Facebook ends up being shared on other platforms. However, if you have a choice to make, choose a website, but to kill two birds with one stone, linking will do.

In conclusion, a website remains effective as compared to Facebook. If an interested customer gets to hear about your business, the next step will be to Google your business. So where exactly do they land if you do not own a website? What about that customer who would like to give feedback, how do they do it? Yes, you might have a Facebook account but once a potential customer sees your Facebook pop up, they are less likely to visit that page. They require solid consistent information, which Facebook cannot provide.

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