Facebook vs. Websites: The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business

Facebook vs. Websites
In this digital age, it is inevitable to run a successful business without an effective online marketing strategy. It is through the internet that potential clients find what they seek, no one walks around or drives around looking for stores anymore. The good news is that business owners have viable options that apply to successfully market their businesses online. These options entail a variety of social media sites and creating a website.
However, before choosing an online marketing site, certain underlying factors are imperative to consider so as to run a successful online business. This article entails a comparative compilation of the major options to consider between creating a website and using Facebook for your online marketing strategy. Facebook is selected in this read to represent every other social media site given that it is the most popular social media site globally.


One major factor to consider before launching an online site for your business is whether or not it is accessible to the targeted potential clients.


Facebook has over 1.5 billion active monthly users that are spread out all over the globe. That means a lot of potential customers who through a simple search can access and frequently visit your Facebook if you have the right stuff. Facebook, therefore takes this one, given that all you need is a search friendly name and constant page updates.


For a website, accessibility has to be initiated by considering some factors such as choosing the right and easily searchable domain name, and that is the simple part. Other issues must be regarded such as web hosting, using cookies, Search Engine Optimization among other rather stressful factors.


For any aspect entailing the running of business, affordability is a key factor. The financial input should be worth your business.


Expense is another factor that Facebook as a marketing site holds more lucrativeness. For the price of nothing, you gain the ability to market your product or service online to a myriad of users and potential clients. Also, you can increase your visibility by inviting fans to your page at no cost.


Websites, on the other hand, are relatively expensive. First, you have to purchase a domain name, which you are expected to pay for at a monthly or yearly rate depending on its quality. Not to mention the expert assistance that you may require to establish and maintain the site which is definitely not free.


To some clients, the perception of professionalism forms the determinant as to whether you are running a legitimate business or not.


According to expert analysis running your online marketing using a website expresses more professionalism compared to using a social media site. That way, sites enhance the reputation of your brand thus giving you more business relatively more serious opportunities and long-term business relationships.


Facebook, on the other hand, has branding and credibility issues. Being established as an interactive forum, some users tend not take the concept of a business as seriously. Because given the simple set up procedure, even fraudsters possess the ability to set up the same.


Managing your site to ensure consistency and functionality is a significant factor.


Facebook is rather simple to manage given that you require little or no expertise. That is because it entails creating a page on an already existing site introduce your brand and interact professionally with other users.


A website, on the other hand, requires as much technical expertise as you can find if you want to ensure its effectiveness. Procedures such as registering a domain name, getting a web host and tweaking the website’s design require a professional’s touch if your site is to sell to potential clients.


Control determines the lengths and limits at which you can exercise your creativity and innovation in the marketing of your brand online.


For websites being your personal creation, you have total control over how and what you utilize it to market your brand. That means complete ownership inclusive of the rights privileges that come with the control.


Facebook, on the other hand, is a social media site and all you possess is a page. This factor limits your creativity and marketing flexibility. With a mistake as simple as the wrong comment or post your page can be compromised and even risk losing it.


Choosing an online marketing strategy is as imperative as running the business itself if you are to run a successful business. However, considering the aspects above may prove to be worthwhile in choosing the online marketing option that works best for you.

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