How to migrate your existing WordPress site to GoDaddy

How to migrate your existing WordPress site to GoDaddy
Back then, most people would find it strange when a website owner decided to migrate from one website hosting service to another. Today, that has changed and in fact, we are witnessing more and more website owners migrating from one website hosting service to another. Some people understand why this is happening but some are still in the dark and continue to wonder.
Therefore, if you are still amongst the group of people who are wondering why most website owners are migrating to different website hosting service, then you are in the right place since in this article, I have covered several explanations on why website migration is taking place.

  • 1. Frequent downtime

Frequent downtime is a scenario whereby websites go offline temporary. This can be due to a number of reasons including when the website is under maintenance or when the server is down. This is contrary to the expectations of most clients in the sense that most of expect the websites server to be running continuously to help promote their online visibility. However, if the servers keep breaking down, then the client’s online visibility is going to be messed up meaning most of their customers will not be able to find them online on a regular basis which is bad for business. Such a scenario is going to make the client lose patience with the current hosting company and be forced to migrate to another reliable website hosting service.

  • 2. Slower Server

This is one of the common problems witnessed when a number of websites are placed on a shared host. When many website share a particular host, there is a very high chance that there will be frequent lagging during data retrieval and this is going to slow down the rate at which a page is loading. This will consequently have a direct negative impact on the client’s website given the fact that very few people are willing to waste their time loading a website that is not loading its pages. They would rather try another one that is going to load faster than this one that is taking ages.

  • 3. Unprofessional or poor customer support

One of the most important things when it comes to web hosting is an excellent customer support. This runs across all companies, in the sense that customer support stands at the core of any company and if the customer support is bad, then there is a higher chance that company is losing many customers daily. Customer support will not only boost your business but it is also going to guarantee more customers in future. However, if website owners do not receive that customer support that they feel they deserve, you can be guaranteed that they will not think twice. The will migrate to another website hosting company that they think offers a better customer support. This is especially true since website hosting is a technical process and any technical process requires a good and efficient support for it to be carried out successful.

  • 4. High cost

Nobody loves expensive things even if they are good but if that remains as the only option to get a better product then that’s when they settle for it. High cost is another reason that makes many customers migrate to other web hosting companies. For instance, if a client discovers that there is another company that offers a greater service but at an affordable price, you can be guaranteed that that customer will soon migrate to that web server. This is normal given the fact that human beings are often attracted by lower prices of course for a better service.

Steps to Follow when you are migrating from WordPress

  • Transfer Your WordPress File

The first and the most important step when you are migrating from wordpress is, to transfer your wordpress file. This process usually involves making a duplicate of your wordpress file and then transferring it from you’re your old host to the new one.

  • Migrating WP MYSQL database

This can only be done by first exporting the WP MSQL data to SQL format. Take note that this can only be done on the new server. In short, what I am trying to say that what you need to do is to import data into the new server. This is mainly effective in Phpmy my admin. So far it has been known to be the best platform for importing and exporting MSQL data at a certain source or destination.

  • Reconfigure your wordpress

Once you have imported your data, you will be expected to reconfigure your wordpress to be able to work with other servers. This can be accomplished by updating the wordpress configure php. In order to achieve this, ensure that you update your name, the password and the user information of your database in order for it to match that of the new server.

How GoDaddy can Transfer your WordPress website?

First and foremost, you will need to sign up for a wordPress managed hosting before you proceed to GoDaddy to finish your setup. After that, you will be directed to another website where you will be required to provide your current website access information. Lucky enough, this service is not charged, instead, it is provided for free and standard amongst all the web host given the fact that it assists customers to set their own site.
Moreover, this transfer is also going to give you the chance to shift your MySql database videos, WQp plugins, themes, audios and many other to your new web hosting provider. The entire process is going to take a few minutes ten it is done. In order to ensure that your website traffic is not lost, you will be expected to save your website backup before you make this move.

In conclusion, in order to successfully transfer your wordpress site, all you need to do is to follow the above steps to the latter. As a result, you can be guaranteed that your wordpress will be transferred to the new location without any difficulty at all.

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