Domain Parking – How you can make money out of it?

Domain Parking – How you can make money out of it

In my experience, I find that most people who claim to know about domain parking don’t really understand the key concept. These same individuals get puzzled whenever they hear you can make money from this venture. If you consider yourself part of this bunch, sit tight because I am about to show you what this prospect is all about and how you can end up using it to your advantage.

The Right Time to Park a Domain

More often than not, one buys a domain name right before they build their website. Another situation when one buys domain names is when they haven’t chosen a name for their website and want to prevent other buyers from scooping them up while he/she is deciding on which name to choose. Wherever you fall, there will always be an unspecified period of time in which your bought domain will lie there with no actual website. This is the best time for domain parking.

How to Go About Parking a Domain

You know how you park your car and leave it sitting there then come and use it later? Parking a domain works the same way. However, unlike parked cars, parked domains can be monetized. When you choose not to make money from your parked domain, an Under Construction’ or Coming Soon’ message will appear whenever someone types the name of that domain name on their browser. When you do monetize your domain, advertisements instead of Coming Soon messages will appear on your website.

This is how domain parking works:

– Register the domain.
Start by testing the domain’s traffic. One important point to note is that according to the terms and conditions specified by domain parking companies, one cannot advertise or promote their parked domain. I cannot stress this enough. You absolutely are not allowed to advertise these domains so as to get traffic.

It is because of this that one should start by testing the domain. It would be a waste to monetize a domain that does not get traffic.

– Register with a domain parking company
This step should only be taken when you have verified your parked domain’s amount of traffic. Make sure you follow the parking company’s instructions.

Also, you should make sure the ads appearing on your parked domain are relevant to your domain name. You will find that this is an especially important tip for those of you who want to park the domain temporarily with future plans of putting it to good use on a website someday. These ads should relate to not only the domain name, but the content you plan to post on the website.

This is how one can earn money by parking a domain:

earn money by parking a domainAn online user starts by typing the name of your domain into their browser. He/she is then taken to the page where the links and advertisements are. When he sees something interesting, he clicks on it. These clicks’ are your pot of gold. When the owner of the site where the advertisement or link gets earnings from this user, he pays your parking company a stipend which the company shares with you. Voila! You just made money from your parked domain.

Choosing a Domain Name before Parking

How do we determine whether that particular domain you have chosen is a suitable candidate for parking? We will have to begin by verifying it of course. Let us assuming you are just about to buy the domain. Whether you plan to use it as a future website or are just interested in keeping it so that other buyers don’t pick it up, the following points will show you how you can use it for parking:

– Determine your niche
Having a specific niche for your business gives you a sense of focus. You need to make sure yours has lasting appeal. The same goes for domain parking.

– Create topics relevant to your niche
A niche such as mechanical tools would have topics such as spanners, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. You need to write down as many relevant topics as you can. A good way to identify these topics would be through using the Google Keyword Tool. Create a list of keywords putting the highest searched keywords first. These are the one that hold weight as domain names.

You can check for domains available based on the sets of keywords you have identified. You can use services such as or an alternative such as Domaintyper. You may consider going for short domain names that have a .com extension (go for those with one-word domains preferably). I say this because shorter names are more memorable and more likely to attract traffic.

Choosing Reputable Parking Companies

Most times, it is wise to register your domain with several companies. The industry is highly competitive meaning that there is a whole range of options for you to choose from. A few companies doing great things are Sedo, Voodoo and DomainSponsor. Do you know any other great parking companies?

When choosing your domains for parking, try and avoid blacklisted domains. These ones are difficult to monetize. The Google Blacklist Tool will help you identify those that aren’t worth your time.

One final word I will leave you with is this: always consider domain investment as a loss until the point that you start making money from it.

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