How to Choose The Right Domain Name

How to Choose The Right Domain NameAre you planning to start a business and you are yet to get a good domain name for your website? Or are you already having a few ideas, a name and you are now looking on how to register the domain name to get the website going?

The following are tips and ideas to picking a good domain name which will attract visitors and improve your website and branding.

1. Go for a .COM

If you are seriously interested in name recognition or branding, then you should go for a .COM domain. The .COM domain is always popular since most visitors have this in their mind as their first option. You can also consider a .net or .org to redirect your traffic to your .com site. This will ensure that apart from the visitors who have the .COM domain defaulted on their mind, others will also be redirected to the same website hence you do not risk losing your potential customers. This could bring in more traffic to your website.

2. Do not include hyphens and numbers

Hyphens and numbers make it harder for your visitors to remember. Take for instance a hyphen, some visitors find it hard to remember where the hyphen was exactly located hence they end up ending on your competitor’s website instead. Hyphen and numbers can also lead to typing errors when entering the domain name on the browser.

3. Easy to type

Make the domain name easy to type and not necessarily needing a lot of attention when typing. Take note and remember, not everyone is good in remembering and the more you put across a more complex name, the harder for the visitor to remember. An easy name is always defaulted on the visitors mind since they can easily remember. Ensure you avoid words that start with q, z, x, c and p.

4. Do not pick a name based on demography

Do not pick a name based on the demographic description, for instance What will happen in case you decide to relocate?

5. Research

It is often advisable not to pick a name unless you are capable of registering a number of spellings under the same name. If you have a direct competitor with a name that is similar to yours, do not pick it. You can go for multiple versions of your name such as if you are going to pick, then also go for If you buy all these flopped word version of your domain then have all of them redirected to your website then you can be guaranteed not to miss traffic from misspellings or flopped words.

6. Brainstorm the top 10 keywords

First and foremost, write down 10 phrases or terms that best describe the domain name you are looking for. Remember phrases are often preferred for domain names as compared to single words. Moreover, search engines prefer domain names which describe the site and at the same time are loaded with keywords. Once these words have been compiled, you will then be free to add suffixes and prefixes to create a good domain idea. For instance, if you are starting an insurance related domain, you can start with words such as insurance, agent, finance affordable rates among many other words. After that, try to play along with the words until you find a good match. E.g. Floyd Insurance Agency

7. Make the name short and sweet.

Come up with something that is easy to remember. Easy I mean the ease that the domain can come to mind. Remember you are not planning to become that company with a great website that no one can remember. Whenever you have a long name for the domain problems always arise. Most people do not like struggling to remember a name. in fact most of them prefer a name that they simply enter into the browser and it loads. However, if your domain name is too long, you will realize that you start losing visitors who will be opting for a much shorter domain name. The name should also be sweet in the sense that it attracts the visitor even before he decides to research on it.

8. Do not follow the trends

Remember, the latest trends will die hence do not follow trends. Stay far from uninspiring short adjectives such as topcom and bestcom and also those words with odd spellings.

9. Your domain name should be your website name

If you have the domain name and the website as separate entities it can lead to a lot of confusions. The domain name should also be your website name or slightly close. For instance, if you have and your business name is Pro Care, it is acceptable given the fact that it combines the business name with the key phrase.

10. Stay clear from trademark infringement

Trademark infringement can kill a great name, destroy your business and make you loose a lot of your clients. Before you spend your money on a name, you can run the name on to verify.

The following are a few good web tools that can help you to search for the best.

1. KnowEm

This tool is used to check for the availability of your business’s user name on over 550 popular and emerging social sites. It is important for your domain to have the same social media user names on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These social media platforms are a source of free advertising.

2. Doomjax free domain name search tool

This tool is often used to offer SEO tools, website owner information, website traffic information html validation, search engine page rank web page archive indexed pages and list cached.

3. NameStation

This helps you to find the names that are brandable, unique and memorable. In this case, you can evaluate keyword variations, the synonyms and their combinations in minutes.

4. DomainGroovy

This is a domain generator which allows you to enter the keyword and immediately receive a number of domain names that are available.

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