Best VPS Hosting Providers

CPU1 Cores2 Cores2 Cores1 Cores
Memory512 Mb4GB512 Mb768 Mb
Disk Space20 GB SSD60GB SSD50 GB SSD15 GB SSD
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB2000 GB1000 GB
Free DomainNoNoNoNo
Dedicated IP1211
Script InstallYesYesYesYes
Control PanelDO PanelCpanelSolusVMFull Root Access


Here at VPS hosting reviews aiming at providing you with the Best VPS Hosting Providers together with an in depth review and customer feedback and not forgetting exemplary discounts. When it comes to helping you make the right decisions regarding purchasing VPS, our web experts have done comprehensive research across the board to ensure you get the best deals on VPS web hosting solutions and bringing the research in one direct and comprehensive guide.

Choosing VPS Hosting

Best VPS Hosting ProvidersChoosing the right VPS hosting company is very critical for a business provider regardless of whether they are offline or internet based. However, before you decide which hosting provider to choose, you need to evaluate the kind of hosting plan that will best suit your needs. There are two categories of hosting: shared and dedicated hosting


VPS are usually very flexible and there are a number of factors to consider before choosing which company will host your VPS. Remember these features are not similar from one company to another, they differ. However, they companies still provide both a dedicated and shared resource eventually creating a virtual dedicated system. Some of the features are explained below:

Disc space

This is mostly not a concern since most hosting companies are generous with space. However, if your website depends on the amount of memory, disk space should be a top priority of your hosting package. The same applies to file sharing websites or any other sites that have huge traffic on a day to day basis.


Bandwidth is a critical aspect of any hosting package. For those people who have never used a hosting plan, will find it shocking to realize that shared hosts which are only a small part of the VPS packages offer unlimited bandwidth and on the other hand, VPS packages have their own limits. What they do not tell you is the fact that these shared servers are not capable of handling huge traffic or large amounts of data. Instead, they are likely to crash when such amounts of traffic go through them. The other thing you need to know is the fact that bandwidth depends with the hosting company and the VPS packages on offer.
Similarly, the cost is directly proportional to the amount of bandwidth you will receive. However, it is imperative that you understand that the amount f bandwidth does not determine the stability of the server. The stability depends on the RAM and the CPU.


Shared servers will give the users a huge amount of control over the CPU resources. One such resource is the RAM. This resource is often in control of the applications that are highly likely to be executed at a given time. Most VPS service providers give dedicated RAM but this may vary as some companies give dedicated RAM while others offer a shared one.
When the RAM is not chosen well, it is highly likely that there will be an excessively use of applications to lead to a downtime. The other important feature with a VPS service is the burstable memory which is a feature that maintains the stability and the uptime of the website that is being hosted by the server especially if your current traffic is demand of too much bandwidth.

Windows or Linux

Windows or LinuxA good number of VPS users are not certain of the kind of operating system on which their servers should run. However, if the website you are planning to host has no restrictions, you can chose to settle for a Linux given the fact that Linux is an open source hence the hosting company will not have any financial obligation for the software. However, I would recommend you try windows servers. Reason being this kind of servers support .NET based web applications. Similarly, they are more user friendly as compared to the Linux interface which is usually command based.

Control panel

This is the other thing that you should never forget. Most often, people have preferred cPanel to Plesk. However just like the other features, the control panel also depends on what you need. You may also decide to choose Plesk which is usually offered on Windows servers. The control panel should be inclusive of your and if it is not, ensure you find out how much it is going to cost you to have the service.


Price has always been a matter of debate across all facets. Typically, reliability is the key when choosing the best VPS hosting companies. Sometimes price is synonymous with service but again there is the issue of reputation.
Don’t sacrifice price for a poor service. Expensive can a time be beneficial eventually but again there is the aspect of reputation. You will never go wrong when you go with a company with good reputation.

How Much to pay?

This is purely based on your needs. If you spend an average of $25 to $70 on a monthly basis for the virtual server you can consider yourself lucky since that is a reasonable deal.. Do not be blinded by the special packages on offer and end up getting an expensive service for nothing.

Managed or unmanaged VPS server

With a managed solution, requirements such as important software and the operating system have already being installed.
However, when it comes to VPS solutions that are unmanaged, these features have to being stalled from scratch lucky enough, a number of VPS providers usually offer managed solutions by default considering the fact that unmanaged solution may overwhelm you during regardless of the origin of the problem. You can click here to read more about managed and unmanaged VPS servers.

Is this hosting mine?

This is not an easy question especially given the fact that the functionality of these servers are on a larger scope. However, it is imperative you realize that there are situations where using VPS servers cannot be recommended, for instance, a newbie is often advised to use a shared server for some time first and once their you site begins attracting a huge number of traffic, and they have a sizable budget, then they can decide to downscale it once a trial run is done in case they need it.

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