11 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting CompaniesManaged WordPress hosting is a type of website hosting done by companies which exclusively deal with WordPress-powered websites. Once these companies do the hosting for you, you get to enjoy a number of privileges such as automatic updates to the latest versions of WordPress, plugins and themes. Some of the providers even go ahead and share WordPress plugins and themes exclusively to their customers.

However, out of the privileges you enjoy, the most important one is the provision of extra security and customer support. Therefore, getting a WordPress hosting is going to boost the performance of your Website, improve its security and most importantly get customer support from a team of experienced technicians.

Why you should go for a Managed WordPress Hosting

Together with the extra services that you receive, managed WordPress also provide their clients with an advanced caching structure and content delivery network which is going to increase the performance of their website and serve the users within the shortest time possible.
As you know, major search engines often emphasize on the need of page speed and the reason for this is the fact these search engines use the load time of your website in their algorithm to determine how they should rank it. Therefore, getting extra benefits of caching system and CDN will definitely help you get better positions on search results.

Managed WordPress hosting companies ensure that there is extra security by taking care of DDOS, and brute force attacks and XXS exposures which primarily aims at taking your website down or have an unauthorized access to user’s data. Given the fact that WordPress is their main expertise area, they know which plugins are safe and which they should stay away from. Remember that security always comes first when choosing a hosting company and also take note that security is another criteria search engines use.

The other benefit that comes with a Managed WordPress is their customer support. Their team of experts works with speed and accuracy especially because WordPress is their main specialty.
Therefore, you do not need to worry because of the tiny issues with WordPress. Their customer service has many years of experiences and probably has handled similar issues in the past and that is the main reason they work with speed and accuracy.

Disadvantages of WordPress Managed Hosting

In as much as there are a number of benefits with managed WordPress hosting, it may not be the best for every entrepreneur. For instance, it is quiet costly compared to VPS shared hosting. Secondly, they have certain limits that end up limiting your freedom, such as you are not being allowed to install every plugin depending on the company you get the service from and at the same time, plans are also limited to the number of visits you get on a monthly basis and the number of WordPress installations under a single account is also limited. Even though you can host many WordPress-powered websites with a shared hosting plan, the managed WordPress hosting only allows you to install 1-3 WordPress.

Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Even though there are many managed WordPress hosts in the market, very few meet the required standards to be ranked as a top notch Managed WordPress provider. The following a list of the best ten Managed WordPress hosting companies.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

With GoDaddy Managed WordPress, you get: Automatic setup, backups and WordPress software updates, Industry-leading performance on our premium hosting platform, Award-winning support from hosting experts, 24/7/365

WP Engine

WP Engine has the reputation of being one of the best WordPress managed hosting providers in the market today. This hosting provider is famous for their excellent customer support and minimal downtime. They are also famous for providing adequate security to sites and they fix their websites for free if they are hacked. Their prices begin at $29 per month for 25,000 visits and the rate rises depending on traffic all the way to $249 per month. You can check our WP Engine coupon page for their latest discounts and deals.


This is another hosting provider with a reputation for providing adequate security to their client’s websites and a faster loadtime. Their plans start at $24 per month for up to 25,000 visits.


This is a new host in the market. Unlike other host providers, they aim at maximizing on WordPress issues such as security and loadtimes.
However, they also offer SEO services which others hosts do not. Their prices are little higher compared to the other due to their extra services. The prices start at $49 per month for 25,000 visits.


This hosting provider is usually geared towards non-experts and is very easy to use. It has a sensitive and attractive interface and their plans are very cheaper than other options. They start at only $15 for a single site.


This is the perfect hosts for anyone who needs a budget managed host. Their plans begin at $3.95 per month and they offer most features that other hosts offer.


The host claim that they have they rank first providing the most reliable customer service. They also boast of custom high tech servers. Their plans begin at $25 dollars per month including 15,000 page views.


It is the least well known in this list. LightningBase is popular for its owner being the one responding to the client’s problems himself something even the most popular host cannot claim. Its prices are also low with plans starting at $19.99 for 25,000 visits.


This is the newest company in this list. It was majorly created to bring big business level hosting. It is very fast and secure; their plans begin from $17.90 per monthly for 10,000 visits.


This is a prestigious and a successful cloud based managed hosting provider. It is mostly used to target large companies and has 1000 free email accounts. Their prices are fairly standard and their plans begin at $20 per month for 100MB storage and 1TB bandwidth. You can reduce your cost by redeeming active Media temple coupons listed.

DreamPress by DreamHost

This is a new player in the market but run by a well regarded hosting company. Their service was recently updated to be much faster, and very secure. Their prices were also slashed to $19.95 for 25,000 visits. Given the fact that they are new , they offer coupons for DreamPress service .

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