Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

This is a brief review of the best dedicated hosting companies. In this review, you are going to learn about dedicated servers and how you can find a suitable dedicated hosting plan for your website.
Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

Are you one of the people looking for a dedicated hosting service?

Dedicated web hosting also called dedicated server hosting or sometimes dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting often used by large web applications or resource intensive websites. Most large business and organizations with websites that attract large amount of traffic need such type. With a dedicated hosting plan, you are guaranteed that the entire server is dedicated to only you. This can be very expensive for the organization but at the same time, it the most effective and powerful solution for a resource intensive website apart from the fact that performance is going to be maximized in such server, there will also be a guaranteed improved security. Below are some of the best dedicated hosting companies for webmasters who need intensive performance.

How does dedicated hosting work?

Purchasing a dedicated hosting plan means, you have agreed to lease a server from the web host. This server is usually owned and maintained by the web host. This gives your business the opportunity of having an in-house server but at affordable rates. This is advantageous in the sense that you do not have to hire an IT guy or set up your network or similarly get an office. In this case, your web host does everything for you and moreover, your server is also covered. Therefore, you will come to realize that these kind of hosting plan is going to save you enough cash that you otherwise use to hire someone to maintain the server for you.

In this case, you will come to realize that the leased server is a standalone computer mounted alongside other computers in your web hosts data center. The server is often at your command and it is leased to you. You also have the privilege of noting that you have exclusive rights to its configuration.

Dedicated servers are mostly listed for the leaser but again most hosts offer custom hardware configurations. They may also allow custom software set-ups and full root access. Given that you have rented the server form the hosts, you get to enjoy a super fast fiber link to the internet and also security and backup provisions together with the plan. During this time, your development team can deploy a website or any other application using the same set up as the one been used in the staging environment and remotely monitor its performance.

Managed Vs Unmanaged

When you are shopping for a new dedicated hosting account, you will come to realize that some web hosts offer unmanaged and managed dedicated hosting plans. Probably you are wondering what these are. A managed hosting plan is the one where your web host installs and configures all the software you are likely to require on your server. They also ensure they update the software, configure security settings and also do maintenance of the server. On the hand, there is the unmanaged hosting plan where only the physical server hardware is maintained. In this case, you have full responsibility for your server hardware. The only support you are going to get is the support in case of physical disaster or hardware replacement. Therefore, in an unmanaged hosting plan you are in-charge of your own security, software installation and maintenance and you also need to ensure that your IP is not blacklisted for relaying bulk email by mistake. This is the main reason most people are often advised to go for the managed dedicated hosting plans especially if they are not aware of how to install and maintain their own software servers.

Benefits of a dedicated server

No sharing

There are a lot of disadvantages associated with sharing including insecurity and reduced performance. When it comes to a dedicated server, you realize that you get everything the way you want and how you want. This gives you the opportunity to explore your own RAM, disk space and processing power among many other resources.

Maximize on performance

Thanks to the dedicated hardware and tailored software set-ups, websites hosted on a dedicated server often maximize on their performance. They are fast and are capable of handling large amounts of traffics including spikes which are likely to take the site offline. Such websites also get to avoid the headaches that come with poor coding and inefficient process.

Improved security

Since the dedicated server is yours alone, you get the privilege of locking it down effectively providing access only to people you choose. This reduces the chances of your site being hacked since you have exclusive control over access rights. This makes it reliable for sensitive and business critical applications.

Cost of a dedicated hosting plan

Prices often differ depending on the web hosting provider and the configuration of the physical server. The hardware can also cause the price to hike, for instance, a new, faster CPU with an additional RAM. However, on average, most dedicated hosting plans start at $100 monthly. You can use the coupons listed above to get a discount and make the change more affordable.

Final thoughts on a dedicated server

If you are still confused which dedicated web host to choose from, you can check out and compare the ones we have included above. All of them are already established web hosts with an excellent reputation for their reliable network and high performing servers. Each of these dedicated web hosts also offers money back guarantee.

It is therefore true to say that dedicated hosting offers the best performance and reliability. Always remember that dedicated servers are more expensive but the best route to take if your site has outgrown VPS account and you need to upgrade it into something much better. When you switch to a dedicated hosting account, you get the chance of giving your site the much needed performance boost that it was lacking.

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