A Detailed Review Of GoDaddy’s Microsoft Office 365

A Detailed Review Of GoDaddy's Microsoft Office 365Having easier access to different files and documents is often a valuable asset for busy people. As such, decision-making becomes easier and more efficient because these people can easily access any data when needed.

Microsoft Office 365 is a package that is being offered by GoDaddy to make data accessibility a reality. It’s functional and pretty efficient. Here is an explanation of how GoDaddy Microsoft Office 365 packages can benefit you and your business.

Plans Offered

GoDaddy Microsoft Office 365 offers three payment plans to suit varying individual needs.
Plans Offered

1. Online Essential Plan

The online essential is a program designed specifically for the business people. It takes the Microsoft office a notch higher and allows business people to access versions of Microsoft Office online. The versions entail Word, Excel, and PowerPoint among others.

The sharing of documents therefore becomes such a swift affair anywhere on the globe. This sort of efficiency makes it ideal for executives who are always traveling and with busy schedules. Other than the storage of 1TB, the plan has a host of other benefits like affordable subscriptions. The subscriptions go for as little as $9.99 monthly for every user. The monthly charge is renewable at $9.99 for every subscriber. The online storage is not only secure but also allows you to keep your personal documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and various spreadsheets in order.

The subscription also comes with an email address that makes your communication more professional. The email address customization is such that it uses your domain name.

2. Business Plan

This plan offers more than just standard Microsoft office packages which are online. It goes further and offers the Microsoft Office packages both online as well as on your devices. The devices could be up to five personal computers or Macs.

The business plan can be renewed every month at a cost of $9.99. The initial payment allowed is $7.99. The business plan also has a provision for mobile phone apps. The inclusion of the apps makes life very easy because you do not have to walk around with your laptop. Running your business while traveling also becomes more comfortable with the business plan.

The plan comes with 1 TB worth of online storage which is sufficient for storing organization’s documents and other light files. On top of being efficient, this plan is also very secure.

3. Business Premium Plan

This plan is aimed at the extremely busy business people who have busy lives and very tight schedules. With this plan, business people can access their files and documents while still carrying on with their busy lives.

The Business Premium plan comes with all the Microsoft Office tools while also including one professional email address and a domain. The files and documents can also be accessed online.

The desktop version of Microsoft Office 2016 is another feature you will also enjoy with the GoDaddy’s Business Premium plan. The subscription fee for this plan from GoDaddy is very affordable for a starter as it starts at only $8.99 per user for one month. For renewals, the rates begin at $14.99 per user per month.

Just like the Business plan, the Premium Business plan is installed on 5 Pcs or Macs. The Microsoft Office package, which can be found online includes; Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and a host of other programs offered by Microsoft.

The package also comes with applications for use in tablets and smartphones. The package makes life quite easy and manageable, and no information can pass without you knowing because the gadgets are portable.

You can take advantage of the 1TB depository capacity that comes with the arrangement.

The 3 different plans have a host of other benefits such as Microsoft office that is electronically connected. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and a host of other programs can be accessed online unlike the normal Microsoft office. The move makes it easier to obtain documents and data from wherever you are on the globe.


What is the reason for buying Office 365 yet I already have Microsoft Office installed on my computer?
Office 365 is always up to date due to the fact that Microsoft often upgrades its system and this encompasses Microsoft 365. The best part is that the updates come at no extra cost on your side. With the Microsoft 365 version, you can carry out meetings all over the world online. This feature is not available with Microsoft word.

Having a business personalized email with your domain is every entrepreneurs dream. Microsoft 365 not only offers a unique and customized domain and email but also provides storage space of 1TB which is a splendid deal. Whenever clients interact with you via business personalized platforms, your credibility goes up.

On Buying the Business or Business Premium Arrangement, Which Desktop Applications Will I Get?
The difference between the software is brought about by the gadget you are using. For instance, if you are using a PC, you will get the latest make of office 2016. The means getting Excel, Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Publisher, and Skype for Enterprises. On the other hand, if you are using Mac, Microsoft 365 offers; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync, and Publisher.

Does Microsoft 365 Offer Microsoft Office for IPad?
Microsoft 365 for IPad is only available for clients that have subscribed to either Business or Business Premier Plan. It offers Microsoft office software that provides very advanced functions.

Do The Different Versions of Microsoft Office Work With Microsoft 360 and Cloud Storage?
GoDaddy offers storage of data for various companies and individuals. The data which is stored on their servers can be accessed online. Therefore, access to your data is enabled regardless of the Microsoft Office you are using. For as long as it is the latest version of Microsoft 2010 onwards, it can always work with Microsoft 365.


A majority of business people often have several irons in the fire. Their overloaded schedules need solutions that are not only workable but also efficient. Office 365 from GoDaddy is the solution for these busy entrepreneurs. The software from Microsoft makes life comfortable and allows a natural flow of managerial tasks for entrepreneurs. There is a guarantee of saving 35 % by buying this service using our GoDaddy coupon which can be found here.

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