7 Reasons Choose Dedicated Hosting Servers for Website

7 Reasons Choose Dedicated Hosting Servers for Website (2)
Purchasing a new server is often an unpleasant proposition for a business as a server becomes a depreciating asset from the moment it is bought. Renting a proper server can be a suitable way forward for an organization that is in search for a robust server, strong enough to meet the requirements of the final customers. This article informs the reader about the advantages an organization gets when it decides to develop their infrastructure by setting up dedicated servers.


PerformanceThe most visible change that a dedicated server brings into the organization is that it enables system administrators to configure services which are specific to the the underlying hardware in a private virtual server. The dedicated servers also provides the advantage of onboard system resources at all time, which is not available with virtual private servers.


A dedicated server is much easier to set up compared to a private server. An organization has to wait a long time for the shipment of the server to arrive and the vendor to configure the specifications. While a dedicated server comes in designed rack, ready for use. Though some dedicated servers are unassembled when they are delivered, it is takes only a little while to configure.

Ideal For Website Growth:

Organizations that share servers for hosting their websites often face network jam in a scenario where numerous customers sign in simultaneously. Other companies that share the server with the company can slow the user’s website down and also profit from the website’s traffic. This is why using a dedicated server is so important for an organization that hosts a website. A dedicated server ensures that the hardware running the company’s website is solely dedicated to the website.

Flexible Infrastructure:

Sharing servers and VPS is not at all a flexible option, as the system often requires changes for the application to run smoothly. Certain changes that the application requires is very limiting to applications that most organizations run nowadays. The dedicated servers on the other hand offer the organizations great flexibility as it can work in various situations.

Pre Installed Operating Systems:

Apart from the flexibility and speed the dedicated servers offers the customers pre-installed operating systems with popular applications such as cPanel and Webmin which are immensely useful to an organization.

As the dedicated servers can be configured in matter of hours, it is the perfect solution to run your websites and applications. The users can expect to spread their websites and applications as soon as they have fixed their server.

Tight DDoS Security And Protection:

Tight DDoS Security And ProtectionWeb security is very important for organizations on this age of hackers. Valuable information is at stake and it is significant that an organization invests wisely on cyber security. Dedicated servers provides security against common threats and keeps the website safe in exchange of small payment. For as low as ten dollars a month, applications like ColoCrossing provide tight security and also inform the user when a vital service becomes unavailable. Though these applications are enough for small companies. A well established company needs to invest in security systems such as DDoS protection which costs around two hundred and fifty dollars to a thousand dollars but is ultimately very cheap when the service it provides is taken into account. With organizations now regularly facing DDoS attacks from cyber criminals, paying a thousand dollars for a competent security system is actually a steal.

Efficient And Economical:

Efficient And EconomicalThough purchasing a dedicated server can often prove to be an expensive choice, renting a dedicated service is usually affordable. It is even cheaper than using private virtual servers as the maintenance of the server is not the responsibility of the organisation. And the security that it provides is an advantage over private virtual servers. The dedicated servers are much easier and less time consuming to set up and can work in a variety of situations.

Organizations using private virtual servers generally need to change their servers over a span of three to five years, whereas dedicated servers are much more reliable and thus saves the company a hefty expense and hassle over getting a new server. And as business processes maximize, companies can choose to employ one among the numerous colocation providers that are available The providers assist companies in performing a basic shit to their new dedicated server while the process eliminates the downtime that a normal server shift requires.

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