5 simple reasons you should backup your website

5 simple reasons you should backup your websiteYou must have heard it several times about the importance of backing up your copy of computer’s hard drive. This ensures that your data remains safeguarded in the event that something bad happens to your computer, which is possible today. If you have lost your data before due to a hard drive breakdown, then you know how painful it feels.

Similarly, you can lose your website data. Today, cases of high profile websites being hacked are becoming very popular. This explains the importance of having a backup for your website in the event of such an occurrence. Having the backup keeps your site safe from such treats which would be very painful.

Here are five main reasons why you should consider having a backup for your website:

Why exactly is a website backup really important? Hackers are just one of the several other reasons for this. Here are the reasons in details.

1. Website hackers

It is surprising how the number of Internet hackers is rapidly increasing in thousands today. Some time ago, hackers would do it with the aim of accessing your credit card numbers as well as other confidential details which they would benefit from. Surprisingly, most hackers today, do it for fun as well as proving themselves that they are specialists in doing it. As a result, if you have a website that is live, you stand at a risk of being targeted by these evil doers.

2. Computer catastrophes

It is always prudent to keep your website files on your computer. However, computers do crash or even get stolen or misplaced, and all files get lost in the process. It’s therefore incredibly important to have a backup of these files on a remote computer. That way, you don’t have to worry in case something bad happens to your computer.

3. Mishaps during updates

It is obvously important to update your computer regularly as a way of having better features as well as having improved security. However, these updates may not serve the intended purpose at times; you may end up losing your useful files. This is the chief reason why WordPress will ask you to do a backup on all your files before beginning the update. The fact that websites are built on different components such as themes, plugins, server side software, back-end programs and much more makes it very risky. If any of the updates develops a problem in the process of updating, it may result into the unimaginable; your website may crash.

4. Viruses and malware

Malicious software, viruses, and Trojans can find a way into the website via safe third party software. Also, you can unknowingly get them while downloading themes and plugins. Some are even strong that they can beat your firewall security. Therefore, backing your website means that you are well prepared incase viruses and malware attack your website unexpectedly.

5. Employee errors

Human beings are not perfect and may unintentionally commit mistakes. Therefore, an employee at your company may accidentally mess up with the buttons causing your website to crash. However, with a backup ready, this is not a big issue as you can restore everything to normal in an easy and a fast way, without any loss or delay to the company.

Decide to reduce damages

Try to imagine such a scenario where you wake up in the morning to check your website only to find an error page on the website. You retry as many times as possible without any success. You just stay on the screen without any other idea left to try out. The realization that things are wrong somewhere makes you feel stressed and messed up, right? In such a situation, two things may possibly happen;

I. You could run into a panic; questions might start crossing your mind, what went wrong? When? And for what reason? You may not imagine that everything in your website is lost too.

II. Alternatively, you might just get a little bit agitated because you have to wait for more time before your website resumes to normal. Also, you have peace of mind because you know that you have a backup of all the website files safeguarded.

How do you backup your website?

How do you backup your website
If you now know the importance of backing up your website, you might be confused how to can go about it. Here are ways in which you can be guided:

  • Search for the person who designed your website and ask them to take you through the backup set up.
  • Add another backup service which acts as a bonus to the security of the website. The backup services are too many at different prices at many places that you cannot get enough of them.
  • Employ a backup plugin on the website; some of the backup plugins enable you to schedule backups, and you may also use them to send the backup files to cloud storages such as Dropbox and others.
  • For small websites, the files can be compressed in a ZIP archive. This way, you can send them to one of your emails. Be sure that the email is well known to you. However, this is only suitable for small websites. However, If your website is big has a potential to grow bigger or increase, use other backup methods discussed above.
  • Having a copy of the website on your computer is also a great idea. However, you should avoid making it the only method of backing up your files because your computer may have a hitch or may get lost. Consider employing other better and safer techniques as described above for increased safety of your website files.


Keeping a backup of your websites does not cost a coin. Additionally, you just need a small portion of your time to do it. In addition, considering the threats around most websites today, the investment on backups is worthwhile. If you are yet to schedule a backup for your website files, it’s high time you make a choice of doing it to keep yourself off the anguish and pain that may result from loss of the website.

Try it now and stay on the safe side.

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