16 Places to find recently expired domain names

16 Places to find recently expired domain names
If you fail to renew your domain with its registrar in the stipulated time, the domain expires. Upon expiry, the domain becomes available for fresh registration. As such, domain owners should either renew or sell domains in due time lest they expire and go up for new registration.

Those who understand much about SEO know that old domains are more valuable compared to fresh ones. This is because some of these expired domains might have backlinks from high-authority sites. Besides, these domains may also have content that can be retrieved from Archives.org and Google caches. With this, you can revive an abandoned website at a cost of only $10.

Unlike the case of registering a new domain, buying an expired domain can be a little more involving. Luckily, we have compiled a list of reliable websites for you, where all you need is to browse and acquire domains that are about to expire or those up for auction.

1. GoDaddy (GoDaddy Auctions)

GoDaddy Auctions


This is arguably the most popular website as far as expired domain auctions and sales are concerned. It is also one of the most trusted domain provider and has the world’s largest domains registrar. Today, the company has a customer base of over 13 million people that grows every day. If you wish to purchase your domain on GoDaddy, ensure that you visit our GoDaddy promo codes page. We’ll help you save some money.

2. DropCatch

DropCatch promises to offer the latest offers on expired domains as they become available every day.

3. Dropping

This website categorizes domain buyers into three main groups: website owners, domain investors and SEO/SEM experts. As such, it sells its domains based on the value they offer each of these categories of buyers.

4. NamePros

This is more of a discussion forum where you can buy expired domains for as cheap as $3.

5. DomCop

DomCop is another popular site that processes about 10 million expiring domains every month. The best thing about it is in its hassle-free domain search that significantly saves you time spent looking for your preferred domain name.

6. Expireddomains

With expireddomains.com, you’re not required to sign up an account to purchase an expired domain from them. Besides, the site also offers you free information regarding your preferred expired domain including the relevant SEO data.

7. Name

This is one of the most reputable website that sells expired domain names. The site is in no way complicated to use, offering an easy checkout process upon domain purchase. Besides, you can get an expired domain for as low as $10.99.

8. NameJet

If you’re looking for a website that offers a wide selection of quality domains for development or investment, NameJet is your surest bet. With the company, you can access top expired domains with org, .net, .com, and .info extensions.

9. Valuedrops

This website targets valuable domains that are about to expire. With over 60,000 domain names being dropped into the market without their owners’ knowledge, Valuedrops is quick to identify those high in quality and list them for sale upon expiry.

10. Stuck Domains

Stuck Domains
This website offers a simple search tools that allows you to easily search for expired domains based on your specified parameters.

11. Dynadot

This site targets people dealing with buying and selling of domains. As such, it offers auctions for expired domain names.

12. Namepal

With Namepal, you can purchase your preferred expired domain name for as low as $10. You’ll also access numerous great features that help you save big both in terms of time and money.

13. Moonsy

Moonsy offers a non-biased service meaning anyone can access all their domains on offer. Besides, you’ll get access to a comprehensive list of expired domains as well as an outline of important details such as domain age, page rank, traffic, etc.

14. Network Solutions

Network Solutions
This is another excellent site that sells all types of domain names that are about to expire as well as the already expired ones.

15. 1Expired

This website allows you to monitor domain names that are pending expiry. It offers you an easy-to-use search tool that helps you easily find great domains that are about to expire. It also has a paid membership area with members getting privileges such as real-time updates of the soon-to-expire and the already expired domains, free Alexa ranking checks, etc.

16. FreshDrop

What you’ll love most about FreshDrop is the easy filters and search options it offers. As such, you’ll have access to search options such as TLDS that classifies .com, .ch, .es, and .org domains by categories, domain age and page rank.

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