1&1 Deals : Domain Names Just 99 Cents – $1 Hosting In December 2017

Not as popular as GoDaddy, Namecheap or Domain.com…, but 1&1 is also a considerable domain/hosting provider. They often have many attractive deals. Namely, domains go from only $0.99/first year.
1&1 Deals : Domain Names Just 99 Cents – $1 Hosting

Many of my friends feedback that it’s really simple for you to register a domain from 1&1 and their support team is so nice. You can contact via live chat, email or phone (depend on service). The company also provide us a callback – service support. Leave your phone number here and wait for the support call. That’s incredible, I think.

Update December 2017: From this month, all the Welcome Offers (includes some 99 cents domains offers) for new US customers only. I noted detail in the table below.

The only one problem is that all the orders are processed manually, so it may take more time than the other providers (several days to be accepted).


CLICK HERE1&1 Domain Name Registration – starting at $0.99/year

CLICK HEREHosting, Domains, Website Services & Servers

CLICK HERE1&1 Web Hosting – starting at $0.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 SSL Certificates – starting at $9.99/year

CLICK HERE1&1 Game Servers – starting at $4.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager – starting at $9.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 Dedicated Servers – 3 months free

CLICK HERE1&1 Online Store – starting at $4.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 E-Mail – starting at $0.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 Windows Hosting – starting at $0.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 WordPress Hosting – starting at $0.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 Marketing Essentials – 12 months for $29.99/month

CLICK HERESmall Business: 1&1 List Local – starting at $9.99/month

CLICK HEREDevelopers: 1&1 Linux Hosting – starting at $0.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 WooCommerce Hosting

CLICK HERE 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting – $50 starting credit

CLICK HERE 1&1 Microsoft® Office 365 – starting at $6.99/month

CLICK HERE1&1 Virtual Server Cloud – starting at $4.99/month

Coupon Policy:

  • Promotions price not include $.18 of ICANN fee.
  • Special discounted pricing offer valid for new customers only and with a 1 year prepaid term.
  • Free domain valid for new web hosting contracts of 12 months( or longer only).
  • The offers cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • Visa/Master Card and PayPal accepted.

How to use your 1 and 1 Coupons?

1. Click the 1&1 coupon code above.

The 1&1 Promo Code will open up a new browser window, and take you to their website when you click it. You will be taken to the relevant page for that Coupon, and you will see the different discounts \ free trials specified. If you look in the browser bar, you will find that the relevant Coupon Code forms part of the URL automatically.

2. Click “Try Now” for your chosen Plan

Enter your desired domain in the box and click the yellow button to check availability. If you do not wish to purchase a domain, just click continue on the right-hand side of the screen.
Click “Try Now” for your chosen Plan

The great thing is that the domain is free for the lifetime of your hosting package, so will be renewed free of charge.

3. Select package and any add-ons

Here you can choose your hosting package (Basic, Plus or Premium) whether you wish to pay monthly or yearly (both come with a free 30 days with our 1 and 1 Coupon.

Also, they advertise a “Get found online”. We would caution you against using this kind of services. Creating links in low-quality directories can harm your rankings, and without more detailed information on where they would register your website, we would be very cautious about using the service. The pricing of the List Local service is in the small print at the bottom of the page, and it isn’t cheap!
Select package and any add-ons

4. Click Continue

You must then log into your existing 1 and 1 account, or create a new one. You will see at this stage the shopping basket shows $0, as it reflects the free 30 days hosting.
Click Continue

5. Enter Billing information

Once you have registered, proceed to complete your customer details and enter payment verification to complete your discount coupon purchase.
You should receive your new account details within 30 minutes.

1&1 Internet Inc (1and1.com)

Data Centers

To prohibit data transfer delays, the 1&1 data centers are configured with multiple redundant connections to the most important Internet hubs. With impressive connectivity, you’ll experience faster loading times and higher multi-user capacity for your website. Additionally, problems from single providers can be counterbalanced by redundant partnerships to ensure that your website stays online.

According to the CEO Hosting of 1and1 Internet, Robert Hoffmann, there main aim was to provide innovative web hosting products at very competitive price to their customers with no compromise on their reliability and strength so that they can be number one in the market. Initially they led web hosting industry with global community of more than 15 million users through their Forethoughts and innovations and were trying to continue in the same direction in future also. They can continue to grow as a profitable web host with faster speed as they were morally and financially strong. They also offer 1and1 Coupon to their customers to make their products more affordable for them.

  • Website: www.1and1.com
  • Founded in Montabaur, Germany.
  • Since 2003: Began directly serving U.S. customers
  • Hosting of about 19 million domains
  • More than 70,000 servers in parallel operation

1&1 Internet Inc (1and1.com)

Products offered by 1and1.com

1&1 Internet is providing wide range of innovative web hosting products ranging from feature-rich web hosting plans and convenient domain packages to powerful dedicated and virtual private servers to meet up the needs of its customers with different budgets and skill levels. The professional websites of small and medium businesses can be designed and executed with the help of their latest product MyWebsite even if they do not have any experience in developing websites. All the products designed by 1and1 offer affordable and featured services to their customers as instead of charging any hidden cost. The services provided by 1and1.com include:

  • Domain name registration
  • E-mail & Office
  • Web hosting (Linux and Windows platforms)
  • Website builder (“MyWebsite”)
  • eCommerce (with ePages software)
  • Server solutions (dedicated, dynamic cloud server, virtual servers)

1&1 MyWebsite Introduction

Other features of 1and1.com

Registration of domain names

In order to generate brand awareness on the web it is necessary and important to have domain names. In collaboration with Afilias and ICANN, as an official registrar for top-level domains, 1&1 has successfully registered more than 19 million domains throughout the world for private as well as business customers.

Innovation and reliability

1and1 works with an aim to provide the products of highest quality, consistent reliability and top class security to their customers. They have raised their on ground Data Centers with the help of latest available most advanced technology so that they can globally provide strong network to the web users so that they can use their services in any condition at affordable price through 1and1 coupon. 1and1 has become number one in web hosting industry on the basis of the stability and power of its system and dependable and innovative web products marketed by them.

Environment friendly innovations

1and1 also uses eco-friendly hardware and equipment at its data centers to support to a healthy and clean environment. The 1and1 data center located in Kansas, US, has been recognized as a Green Power Partner by the US EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. 1&1 also uses highly efficient power supplies to consume minimum energy as much as possible all over the world so that heat loss does not exceed more than 20%. Due to the initiative of 1and1 the emission of more than 30,000 tons of CO2 was prevented every year.

Technology used by 1and1

1and1 uses the best technologies produced by the world famous technology developers and service providers to provide almost 100% satisfaction to its customers through more than 70,000 efficient servers and Cisco and Foundry routers known for their high performance at its data centers. In the infrastructure of highly secure data centers throughout US and Europe efficient software and modern hardware is used to support the technologies used by 1and1. For instance the Kansas data center of 1and1 is located strategically so that it can surely provide maximum uptime with equal strength to the customers on both of its coasts. The customers of 1and1 get latest safe and virtual software at affordable price due to its 1and1 coupons and strong relationship with top companies like Symantec and Parallels.

How contact & get support from 1&1

How contact & get support from 1&1
1. Find 1and1 company at nearly from your location:
1&1 have international headquarters at Montabaur, Germany. They’re have also locations in 10 countries, including U.S, Spain, the UK, Austria, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Philippines and Mexico.

2. Find the answers from Help Center
You can find the Step-by-step images guides in the 1&1 Help Center for any issues that you found while using any services at 1&1. The help articles on that page are very very easy to understand, you just simple follow all of images in the article to solved your problems.

3. Connect 1&1 on Network Socials.
Follow 1&1 on the Network Socials, then send private message to them for get the answer for your issues. In some cases, this is fastest way to solved the issues. The links for you connect to 1&1: linkedin, facebook, youtube, twitter, google_plus

Goodluck 🙂

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