10 Things You Must Know About GoDaddy

10 Things You Must Know About GoDaddyAre you interested in buying a domain name or web hosting SSL certificates? Then it is high time you look into GoDaddy (the world’s largest domain name provider).

GoDaddy is known for providing quality cheap domain, a cost effective server and most importantly an efficient technical support at any time. I know some of you might be new in this field or you have never used GoDaddy before, hence I will provide you with a list of 10 must knows about GoDaddy.

1. A domain for 99 cents

You will find a .com domain name going at GoDaddy at only 99 cents. All you need to have is a coupon to make the purchase.

2. Renew Domain or Hosting at GoDaddy

Renewing your services at GoDaddy can be manual or automatic. In Automatic renewal, the services will automatically renew using the payment methods associated with it at no discount whatsoever. On the other hand, with manual renewal, you are able to renew your product or service using a payment method at any time. Take note that you can use the coupon codes renewal.

3. SSL certificates

By using the Secure Sockets Layer also called the SSL certificates, the customer is guaranteed of security whenever they provide sensitive information on the computer such as password, their names or their credit card number. This is achieved by encrypting the data during transmission from their computer to their web server.

4. Discount Domain Club

Also called DDC is a case whereby, if you have a number of domains or services on GoDaddy and you join DDC you get the privileged of renewing your products or services at the lowest price regardless of whether it is automatic or manual renewal. Take note you also do not require any coupon code to do this and you also get to have a lot of extras like CashParkingPremium and Domain Auctions membership.

5. $1.00 per month Web Hosting with Free Domain

GoDaddy runs a number of promotional activities and this is one of them whereby you get web hosting with a domain name at $12 per year. If you are the first to set up your website, this package can come your way.

6. Help Center

One of the reasons why GoDaddy is so popular is because of their support. They have a very real time help center. They have a product help articles, and excellent chart support and an efficient phone support. You can reach them throughout the day or night at (480) 505-8877. Their customer service is patient, timely, very helpful and resourceful when it comes to information.

7. Web builder

Web Builder provides assistance services to companies and people who are interested in building their own website. It makes use of Social Media manager to instantly match your Facebook and Twitter feeds to your website. The built in SEO tool can help to show your site and its content on Yahoo, Google and even more.

8. Private domain registration

This is a service often offered by Domain name registrars. GoDaddy will go ahead and replace the information you provided in the WHOIS with the info of a forwarding service. Normally, when you register a domain, your personal information automatically enters into a public directory often used by hackers. GoDaddy offers their clients two privacy options that guarantee the security of their personal information. These two privacy options are

  • Privacy protection
  • Privacy and Business protection

9. Auctions

GoDaddy makes use of their auction to feature the domain name available for picking. During the auction, you will get the domain name through a public bidding. This practice usually gives the buyers the opportunity to bid for the domain name that is available for normal registration. There are also professionals called Domain registrars who seek low cost domain names and sell them through the auction.

10. Bulk Domain search

The Bulk Domain search by GoDaddy supports as many as 500 domains at one time. During this time, you can list your names with a separate line then check the domain names. You can also choose the extension that you want. There is a 31% discount off on six or more domain name registrations. Check out our discount domain club as well as our monthly fee.


This article has only shed some light on ten things even though there are many others that have not been mentioned here. There are also money saving tips and promotional products. However, as at now we are mostly concerned with the domain and GoDaddy coupons.

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