10 Organizing Tips That Will Make You A Better Web Developer

10 Organizing Tips That Will Make You A Better Web Developer
Time for a web pro is valuable, in demand and is rarely enough. Integrating some activities into your regular schedules helps you avoid the possibility of not doing all the activities you had planned to do, and you are forced to do them in a rush when the time is already gone.

As such, we listed for you 10 key tips that should help you get the best out of your limited time.

Make Use of To Do List App

1. Make Use of To Do List App

There are numerous excellent calendaring or to-do list apps today like the Teux Deux. This app sync lists between iPhone, iPad, and the computer quickly. It lists the task in line, and once any particular task is complete, it’s removed from the calendar. These apps are a good way to keeping your day organized. You can also check another app by the name of My future Lists.

2. Devise Routines and Expectations

For example, it’s a common practice for busy people to schedule their meetings past 10 a.m. This allows them to deal with issues that are urgent and orders that came at night early in the morning. On the other hand, ensure to always schedule appointments for simple tasks such as when meeting clients.

Carry out personal appointments such as haircuts or shopping in the course of the week. Avoid weekends which are often crowded.

3. Archive Your Work in Folders

If you deal with long-term clients who send you a lot of work, you will admit that managing their files clients can be a little hectic. As such, try using consistent labels for each client while storing all folders inside a well-defined computer folder that is designed specifically for clients’ woks.

There are those customers who prefer physical storage of materials. Therefore, as much as a paperless office would be your ideal setting, you may have to create a physical archive to accommodate such files. The best option is to hang file folders in such a way that sorting is possible through plastic bins.

If you are planning on using physical archiving, make use of different colors and tabs to make the archiving look more organized. Several trays separate current and archived projects. Binders are an ideal storage for large papers which cannot fit in folders.

4. Schedule Your Administrative Tasks

It is paramount to deal with boring administrative tasks regularly so that they do not pile up. Working on such tasks early in the morning when you’re more efficient is recommended. At the day end, it is important to write down several notes, for example, on who to invoice, reach, etc. Writing notes should also extends to tasks that are not necessarily billed, for example, writing proposals. Remember that fresh details are easier to remember which is why you should write down everything as soon as you remember.

It is important to follow strict schedules of doing things like sending invoices every first day of the month, paying bills on specific days, and filing returns on a specific day every week.

It is also important to go through your files and folders to remove unwanted items.

5. Use the Best Tools in the Market

It doesn’t matter the number of websites you are managing. Having the right tools that helps to make your work easier is crucial. As such, go for tools that can perform similar tasks across various websites.

For example, consider using WordPress for your web design functions. The platform is very efficient and productive unlike most other CMSs.

On hosting services, consider using Managed WordPress which is capable of conducting regular updates and backups unlike other standard web hosting packages. So, if your client uses other forms of web hosting services, be quick to recommend to them Managed WordPress web hosting

Besides, it is recommended that you use ManageWPs consolidated dashboard since it shows which sites need a plugin or theme updates.

6. Have Re-Usable Components in Your Archives

As a web designer, it is important to have various templates of proposals, invoices and pre-written e-mails that require customization when the need arises.

7. De-clutter the Desk and Emails

It is important to keep the promises you make to clients, for instance if you promise to reply to their emails within 24 hours. There are several things that you can do;

  • You can file the information and take no further action.
  • You can decide to respond immediately and click on respond done button
  • You can reschedule the activity to a later time or date that suits you.
  • You can tell the client to clarify the details of their project which allows you to click on the query option.

You should always have a basket in the office that holds paper documents that need filing. There are those papers that may need shredding, other that need to be put in a folder, bind or scanned for safe electronic keeping. The basket should be taken care of on a regular basis.

8. Group Similar Activities Together

There are those activities that can be done together as a batch. Before processing activities as a batch, it is paramount to figure out if any delay that might result will affect the client in any way.

9. Make Good Use of the Phone, Email, or Video Conferencing

Meeting clients physically is time-consuming and also very expensive especially in the beginning. You could avoid all the hustle by making use of video conferencing, phones and emails, before meeting the client in person.

10. Notify the Client About Your Policies on Change/Revision Requests

Documenting change requests policies is necessary. For example, you might want to set a policy that all change requests need to be communicated via email. This can help you as a web developer counter claims that you did not complete tasks as per their request. You can also use the information to fire clients who you feel are a liability to the business by always making change requests.

Regardless of who your customer is, be it a relative or a spouse, let them follow laid down policies that you might have set for your business.


There you have it- a list of 10 tips that will help you become more organized as a web designer. For them to the letter and notice how productive you become this year.

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